The Link Visiting Scheme Skydive

Friendship Week 2017

Target: £10,000.00



Start Date: 13-Feb-2017

End Date: 28-Jul-2017

Event Date: 20-May-2017

About my fundraising

As part of our Friendship Week 2017, thirteen people will be jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 15,000 feet, free-fall to around 120mph before landing gently with the help of a parachute - all to help The Link. The Link Visiting Scheme have been helping older people confront the effects of loneliness and social isolation for more than 10 years, offering a wide range of services focused on delivering on our purpose of - "Confronting Loneliness, Celebrating Friendship" Help us help others by donating today. (A portion of the sponsorship money raised may be used to pay for part of the total cost of The Link Friendship Week Skydive)

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Dominic sharpdonation20-Jun-2017£220.00£55.00
Paul Thompsondonation08-Jun-2017£10.00£2.50Well done - regards GEmma Cooke
Catherine Boyledonation04-Jun-2017£50.00£12.50Well done John and Paul!
Mary-Ann Willsdonation02-Jun-2017£5.00£1.25Well done Katy!!!!
Iris and Mauricedonation30-May-2017£50.00£12.50Brave Girl, Amazing.We are very proud of you Helena
Isobel and Ethandonation27-May-2017£10.00£2.50Well done to Mrs Robinson and Miss Fuller .
Allie coltondonation27-May-2017£10.00£2.50Well done Katy
Scarlett & Tom Daveydonation26-May-2017£10.00Well Done Mrs Robinson and Good Luck Miss Fuller.
Rob Churchousedonation26-May-2017£10.00£2.50Top work to Mrs Robinson, Miss Fuller & all jumpers!
Tara Hickmandonation23-May-2017£10.00£2.50Well done Hannah. We are all very proud of you. Xxxx
Sarah Byrnedonation22-May-2017£15.00£3.75Well done Katy. Slightly mad but a great cause! x
Heather & Mike Jenveydonation22-May-2017£25.00Well done to Claire Robinson, for taking up the challenge.
Paul Thompsondonation22-May-2017£10.00£2.50Donation from John Payne - 'Well done you nutter'
HaveitPainterdonation22-May-2017£10.10£2.52Well done all. Very proud of my sister bliss ,luvbruv x
Erica Dolandonation22-May-2017£50.00From Grace, Erica and Seamus Dolan
Heidi Reederdonation22-May-2017£25.00£6.25Really well done to all especially the Team @ Holme Grange x
Rena de Souzadonation21-May-2017£15.00£3.75Well done the Holme Grange Team!
Kate Millsdonation21-May-2017£10.00£2.50Well done Hannah 🙈 And everyone else supporting this cause ❤️
Nick and Emmadonation21-May-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck Paul and John
Nikki lovelldonation21-May-2017£10.00£2.50Go girl!!!
Hannahdonation20-May-2017£220.00£55.00Payment for the jump
Richard and Petrina Steeledonation20-May-2017£30.00£7.50Well done & best of luck to Mrs Robinson Holme Grange School
We Are Tilt LTDdonation20-May-2017£50.00Suns out,guns out. I expect to see that matrix position fall
Crionadonation20-May-2017£10.00Good luck Hannah and everyone!
Debbie Herringdonation19-May-2017£5.00£1.25Goood Luck and have fun. Debs
Deborah Fensondonation19-May-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck!
Hazeldonation19-May-2017£25.00£6.25Best of luck 💕👍😊 xx
Annabel and Charlie Hamerdonation19-May-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck Team Holme Grange!

My fundraising page is raising money for UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd

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