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Raise money for charity when you search the web

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We've identified which sites will give to charity when you buy from them

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Choose from over 200,000 charities to support

You can either support our charity of the month or signup and support your choice of over 200,000 UK charities, Schools, churches or social clubs.

So far we've helped raise £10,615,519.80 for thousands of charities

Over 4,000 retailers participating

Over 4,000 retailers work with Everyclick to give a percentage of your transaction back to your charity.

We've teamed up with loads of leading retailers who have all agreed to give a percentage of your total spend with them to the charity.

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  • Choose which charity gets the free money you've raised. Choose from over 200,000.
  • Track how much you raised for your charity
  • Get exclusive offers and deals all with the intention of getting you great deals and raising in the process

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Raises up to 1.50%

Raises up to 1.50%

Raises up to 1.00%

Raises up to 5.00%

Raises up to 3.00%

Raises up to 0.75%

Raises up to £1.50

Raises up to £3.00

Raises up to 2.50%

Raises up to 2.50%

Raises up to 1.50%

Raises up to 1.50%

Ways to raise with Everyclick

We have loads of ways in which you can raise even more for you favourite charity.

Fundraising page

Start your own fundraising page

Start a fundraising page supporting your choice of charity or good cause. Select from over 200,000 charities.

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Fundraise as a group or business

Fundraise as a group, perfect for businesses, sports clubs or groups of people who want to suppory the same cause.

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Raise donations when you shop online

Shop and raise with Give as you Live

Shop at over 4,200 leading stores including Amazon, eBay and John Lewis and raise free donations for your chosen charity.

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