Skydiving for EHAAT

Michael Bewers

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 16-May-2018

End Date: 14-Aug-2018

Event Date: 14-Jul-2018

About my fundraising

Hi everyone,

I am raising funds for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust, by doing a charity skydive.

EHAAT are an amazing charity who work 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing lifesaving support using the two helicopters funded by the publics help.

I have became closely attached to the air ambulance ever since my uncle became a critical care paramedic for them in 2017, and I am amazed by the professional work they do day in, day out.

The crew, whether the pilots, doctors or paramedics, or even the management, all have the same goal of providing lifesaving critical care on scene, which could better someones chances of life.

Without the help from the public, EHAAT would not be able to fly, and I really feel strongly about the goal they all share!

Please help me by raising my target for EHAAT, every little helps for this great cause!

Many thanks, Michael

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sue donovandonation18-Jul-2018£20.00
Jena Keelingsidedonation18-Jul-2018£10.00
catherine causerdonation18-Jul-2018£5.00
Anonymousdonation14-Jul-2018£5.00Well done mate
Sabrinadonation14-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00Well done! Be proud of yourself!
Lauren Ferrantdonation14-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Good Luck Michael!!!
Sean and Hollydonation14-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50We'll done dude
Kaydonation14-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Well done Micheal
Sophie Phillipsdonation14-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Well done!
Sue searlesdonation14-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Proud of you Michael
Staceydonation13-Jul-2018£5.00Sorry it's not more but well done best of luck
Philldonation13-Jul-2018£5.00Good Luck!
Nan and Grandaddonation13-Jul-2018£10.00Good Luck Michael!
Lynne Herbertdonation13-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Good Luck Michael
Chris Stuartdonation12-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00From Science
Mumdonation12-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00Now you've reached target!! Love you
Anna Garceadonation12-Jul-2018£5.00£1.25Good luck!
Pat Smithdonation12-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00Best of luck Michael and a very worthwhile cause
Hazeldonation10-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Great cause x
Sean Keeliherdonation09-Jul-2018£25.00Good Luck Michael!!!
Davedonation09-Jul-2018£25.00Good Luck!
Jan Abeldonation05-Jul-2018£10.00Good Luck!
Mum and Gilesdonation30-Jun-2018£50.00£12.50Good luck son!! So proud of you
Rachel Charltondonation27-Jun-2018£10.00£2.50Good luck Michael
Chris, Clare, Joshua and Ellisdonation26-Jun-2018£50.00£12.50Good luck and enjoy the thrill for a great cause
Aunty Shazdonation21-Jun-2018£25.00£6.25
Martin bewersdonation17-Jun-2018£30.00£7.50Good luck Michael
Lissa Stilwelldonation16-Jun-2018£10.00£2.50Go for it Michael :)
Laura Greenedonation07-Jun-2018£20.00£5.00

My fundraising page is raising money for UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd

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