Lands End to John o'Groats Charity Cycle Ride -

Lawrence Huck

Target: £1,500.00



Start Date: 09-Aug-2009

End Date: 09-Sep-2009

About my fundraising

I am planning to cycle from Lands End to John o'Groats setting off this Monday, 17th August. I'm doing the cycle because it's something I've wanted to do for a long time and figured I could combine it with raising money for the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. The distance is about 850 miles and I plan to do it in around 8 - 11 days.

Film and television are demanding industries to work in, requiring dedication, drive and passion. Most of the people in these industries work freelance and while focused on their careers are often unprepared if life takes an unexpected turn. The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund helps a diverse range of people across film, cinema and television who encounter accident, illness, bereavement or unemployment.

Please give what ever you can afford!

Thanks a million!


See the link below for more info.

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Susan Le Quesnedonation07-Sep-2009£25.00£7.00All the best. Hope it's going well
Lianadonation07-Sep-2009£50.00£14.00Hey Lawrence, what a brilliant achievement! Very envious!
Annabelle Pangborndonation04-Sep-2009£20.00£5.60
Felixdonation30-Aug-2009£20.00the pacemaker keeps going and going...
Miriamdonation26-Aug-2009£20.00£5.60Hope the saddle was cushioned!
Carol Hodgedonation19-Aug-2009£20.00Good luck Lawrence
Arjun Chatterjidonation18-Aug-2009£155.00£43.40Savour that ale at the end of the journey! Best of luck, L
sara deanedonation18-Aug-2009£10.00good luck mate! x
Murraydonation17-Aug-2009£20.00£5.60Good luck!
Simon Aylwarddonation17-Aug-2009£10.00£2.80Does that picture show how thin you will look by the end?
Andrewdonation15-Aug-2009£10.00£2.80good luck you old cad
nik powelldonation14-Aug-2009£50.00£14.00Good luck!
Kira-Anne Pelicandonation14-Aug-2009£20.00Fantastic achievement, Lawrence, (or at least it will be)!
Gill Stonedonation13-Aug-2009£35.00£9.80great idea have fun!
Joseph Brooksdonation13-Aug-2009£10.00Have a great ride!
Darius Assassidonation13-Aug-2009£100.00£28.00God speed, and good luck. enjoy, & big love to you xx
Daniel Cullendonation13-Aug-2009£25.00£7.00Go Lo Go!!
Nessdonation12-Aug-2009£20.00£5.60Pedal like the wind!!
Hazel Bailliedonation12-Aug-2009£20.00£5.60Good luck and see you on the other side! (ie. Scotland) ;-)
Judy G-Sdonation12-Aug-2009£25.00£7.00
Klaus Koermanndonation11-Aug-2009£20.00Go Lawrence, go!
Juliadonation11-Aug-2009£10.00£2.80Wear two pairs of shorts minimum! x
Duncan Brucedonation11-Aug-2009£150.00£42.00Good Luck Bud, I'll try and be there at the end!
Judedonation10-Aug-2009£50.00Good luck and thank you!
Phil Moretondonation10-Aug-2009£10.00£2.80I did it by car, not quite the same...Good Luck!!
Venetia Hawkesdonation10-Aug-2009£5.00£1.40Good luck! And be careful of those saddle sores!
carole warrendonation10-Aug-2009£10.00£2.80have a great time doing it, will love to hear about it.

My fundraising page is raising money for The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund

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The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. Established in 1924, the CTBF have been ?Providing Care...more

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