Sky Dive for the North Devon Hospice

Laura Measures

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 24-Aug-2010

End Date: 31-Mar-2011

Event Date: 11-Mar-2011

About my fundraising

I will be carrying out a Sky Dive in aid of the North Devon Hospice............god knows why I'm scared of heights.......but hey ho its for charity and as usual I get talked into doing things!!

I would be grateful for any sponsorship money that you can donate, to help me to reach my minimum target of £500, come on it's for a good cause :)

Thank you xxx

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Penny Measures & David Perrydonation09-Mar-2011£25.00£7.00Lots of love x x Please ring me when you land!!!!!
Samanthadonation07-Mar-2011£10.00£2.80good luck you crazy mofo!!
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Tegandonation27-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Ooooh hopw exciting.....enjoy :)
The Gates Teamdonation16-Sep-2010£25.00£7.00Go Laura! - Can't wait to see the pictures!!! All the best.
Martin Guarddonation16-Sep-2010£5.00£1.40Falling is easy, its stopping that is the hard part.
Trewin Design Partnershipdonation15-Sep-2010£25.00£7.00Best of luck with the jump!!!
Gary Stone Groundworksdonation15-Sep-2010£25.00£7.00good luck
Lorna Christoforou-Hazelwooddonation07-Sep-2010£20.00£5.60Good luck mate - you are very brave! xx
Lesley Goodingdonation01-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Good Luck Laura, hope you enjoy it!! xx
Lesley Laightdonation25-Aug-2010£10.00£2.80Have fun!!!
Marie Fraserdonation24-Aug-2010£10.00£2.80It's a serious step up from the walks! Lots of luck sweetie

My fundraising page is raising money for North Devon Hospice

About this charity

North Devon Hospice is a local charity providing free specialist care and support to individuals a...more

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