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Kirsty Hunt

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 01-Jun-2010

End Date: 31-Dec-2012

Event Date: 05-Sep-2010

About my fundraising

A year ago I knew nothing about the Down's Syndrome Association and it's work, and very little about the condition - then Sam entered our lives. As a proud mum it feels like a good time to raise some money to help the DSA in it's work of supporting those with Down's Syndrome and their families and educating others about the condition. Therefore on Sunday 5th September I will in Hyde Park running in the Adidas 5K challenge and I hope you are able to sponsor me.

Sam is now a happy, lively one year old who is taking life in his stride, and so what if it takes him just a little longer to learn stuff!

Thank you for helping me reach my original target of £200 and as result of everyone's generousity I've upped my target to £500.

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Kirsty HuntGive as you Live£8.10I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Kirsty HuntEveryclick Search£8.40Every search raises money
Katherine Guestdonation20-Dec-2010£50.00£14.00Well done. Sorry this is so late!
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Liz Marksdonation23-Oct-2010£15.00£4.20What a wee cutie! How did it go? Sorry this is so late!
Katie and Mattdonation14-Sep-2010£25.00£7.00Sorry it's late - I was thinking of you!
Lesley Campbelldonation05-Sep-2010£40.00
Carol Stirkdonation02-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Sam's lovely smile will keep you going - good luck
Izzy Kennedydonation01-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Good luck Kirsty!
Sarah and Charliedonation31-Aug-2010£25.00£7.00Good luck Kirsty!!
Pam & Norbertdonation29-Aug-2010£50.00£14.00Go Kirsty!! We'll be thinking of you x
Fionadonation26-Aug-2010£25.00£7.00Best of luck!
Nana and Popsdonation24-Aug-2010£50.00£14.00Sam, hope you're at the finishing line, smiling and cheering
Mark & Debbiedonation20-Aug-2010£50.00£14.00Good luck!
The Hrydziuszkosdonation14-Aug-2010£20.00£5.60Go Kirsty! Sam and William will be clapping you on!
Elaine Sharkiedonation09-Aug-2010£20.00£5.60
Helen and Andrewdonation06-Aug-2010£75.00£21.00Good luck, great cause, hope you enjoy yourself too xxxx
Nikki Williamsdonation06-Aug-2010£25.00£7.00Good luck Kirsty!
sarah and Phildonation04-Aug-2010£10.00£2.80
Sarah and Phildonation04-Aug-2010£9.33£2.61On Target! Of course
The Borthwicksdonation27-Jul-2010£50.00£14.00
Inga & Darrendonation27-Jul-2010£20.00£5.60Well done you! You'll get round in no time!
Natalie, Stuart and Mollydonation24-Jul-2010£25.00£7.00Go Kirsty!!!
Mat & Suzydonation20-Jul-2010£50.00£14.00All the best - will donate more if less than 30 mins!
Lynda Elmsdonation19-Jul-2010£50.00£14.00Enjoy it!
Kim Loveland, KL Consultancydonation19-Jul-2010£10.00£2.80Good luck Kirsty!!
Jo Stancliffedonation19-Jul-2010£20.00£5.60Well done. Jo x
sandy campbelldonation19-Jul-2010£25.00£7.00good luck on the day!! Love Sandy x
Robin Boothdonation16-Jul-2010£50.00£14.00Good luck, best wishes.

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