Innes England Sky Dive

Innes England

Target: £2,500.00



Start Date: 13-Feb-2009

End Date: 31-Dec-2009

About my fundraising

The Derby office of Innes England Commercial Property Consultants are undertaking a 15,000 foot sky dive on Sunday 11th October 2009 to raise money for the Derbyshire Community Foundation.

5 members of the team will be jumping namely; Nick Hosking, James McArthur, Nigel Jones, Jude Hayward and James Scholter.

Please give what you can as we need to raise a minimum of £2,000 to ensure the jumps go ahead.

Please do remember to click the "I am a UK tax payer and wish to Gift Aid my donation" section as this will provide an extra 28% on top of your donation for free!!

Derbyshire Community Foundation is an independent local charity, which, with the support and generosity of local individuals, companies and charitable trusts is building an endowment fund to benefit Derbyshire people in perpetuity. Income generated by the fund is used to make grants to voluntary and community groups, to tackle disadvantage and improve the quality of life for people throughout our c...more more

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Dick Francedonation19-Oct-2009£15.00£4.20Good guts Jamie. Glad they were not fully on display at end.
LIKEMINDEDdonation09-Oct-2009£20.00Safe landings
Chris Butlerdonation08-Oct-2009£5.00£1.40Enjoy - it will be amazing!
Iain 'Darious' McPhaildonation06-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80Oh god, you must be mad- don't watch hollyoaks by the way!!!
Paul Watsondonation06-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80On condition that Nick jumps otherwise I expect a refund!
neville fitchettdonation05-Oct-2009£20.00£5.60geronimo
mr david broadhurstdonation05-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00good luck.
John Fearnehoughdonation02-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00
Iain McArthurdonation02-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80Good luck
Peter Gadsbydonation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck.
Albert de Beerdonation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck, hope you all land safely!
dan wilddonation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00
Alex Smithdonation01-Oct-2009£5.00£1.40Nigel Jones - Big girl scared of heights, 12,000ft - oh dear
Nicholas J humphreysdonation01-Oct-2009£50.00£14.00From the larger NJH --you must be off your nut mate
Richard Marriott - MWEdonation29-Sep-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck to you all
Glenisdonation25-Sep-2009£20.00£5.60Good luck and safe landings
Emma Websterdonation25-Sep-2009£10.00£2.80Don't look down!
Dave Brettdonation02-Aug-2009£250.00£70.00Good luck for clear skies and don't break a leg!
Angus McArthurdonation08-Jul-2009£10.00£2.80break a leg
Zoedonation03-Jun-2009£15.00£4.20All the best, youre braver than me!
Heather Dixondonation21-May-2009£15.00£4.20Good Luck!
Frank Smithdonation14-May-2009£10.00£2.80Don't forget to pull the cord!
Guy Simpsondonation11-May-2009£25.00Good Luck Ron/Billy/James....!
Ironmandonation08-May-2009£5.00£1.40Make sure your wearing your nappy hosser!!!
Paul Rotheradonation07-May-2009£25.00£7.00Nigel.... brave man

My fundraising page is raising money for Derbyshire Community Foundation

About this charity

Derbyshire Community Foundation is an independent local charity, which, with the support and gener...more

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