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Start Date: 20-Nov-2017

End Date: 05-Jan-2018

Event Date: 08-Jan-2018

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Whereas in some early African traditions, blind children were looked as 'pad locks' whose roles were to keep the homes safe, today, St. Francis P/S for the Blind with support from well-wishers and Government has worked against this bad practice and educated over 930 children some of who have qualified as Telephone Operators, Teachers, Lawyers, Administrators, Social workers etc.

Today in Uganda, Children with visual impairment are often denied their rights to access basic needs such as education, food and better living conditions. Over 75 % of the children admitted in St. Francis Primary School for the Blind are blind, orphaned, neglected or marginalized economically and socially. The majority of these children come from poor families who are not able to afford basic education in terms of tuition, feeding and Braille paper. The challenge of being blind puts these children at risk of either being denied education and other basic needs or dropping out of school. Once their educat...more more

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My fundraising page is raising money for Save the Children

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Save the Children is the world's independent children's charity. We're outraged that millions of c...more

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