FrOctober Dress Rockers

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 01-Oct-2012

End Date: 30-Nov-2012

About my fundraising

Rocking frocks for the whole of October to raise awareness and funds for

PND affects an estimated 15% of mothers in the UK and half of those are believed to suffer in silence. We're here for YOU!

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Jillydonation06-Nov-2012£20.00£5.00Well done Bec!
Lynsey @ Swirlyartsdonation01-Nov-2012£75.00My donation as I won a silent auction :)
Becca Johnsdonation31-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Sponsoring Dee wearing her wedding dress in the office today
Della Whittledonation31-Oct-2012£5.00£1.25Sponsoring Becca to wear her Wedding Dress today
@parsnip45donation31-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50You've done brilliantly well for such a good cause
Nat Ellisdonation31-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50£1k yeyyyy!! :) x
Rachelle Blondeldonation30-Oct-2012£20.00£5.00Rock the frocks
Nicol Rippondonation29-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Just because my brother seemed to enjoy wearing that 'frock'
Rosalinddonation29-Oct-2012£30.00£7.50You look marvellous! lots of love to you and Little Frocker
Clara McEwendonation29-Oct-2012£20.00£5.00Well done Beck!
Keith Burgessdonation28-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Fabulous Frocs!
Jenna Truscottdonation27-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50
Winchester Rugby Club Weight Watchers Meetingdonation26-Oct-2012£45.30£11.32Raffle for FrOctober (Rebecca Johns)
Niki Daviesdonation26-Oct-2012£20.00£5.00Amazing work everyone! Gutted I missed this!
natell1983donation26-Oct-2012£238.11£59.53TECHNOPHOBIA FrOctober Day
Tracey Oesterledonation26-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Looking good!
Ravish Bhagdevdonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Well done! People dressed up apparently..Didn't notice ;-)
Kimdonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Only cos Mac looked great in a dress!
Nick Tdonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50
Mark Goddarddonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50This is for Tim and Harry. I want upskirt shots.
Ellie Mosleydonation25-Oct-2012£5.00£1.25Amazing effort everyone!
Pete Lonsdaledonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50great stuff everyone
David Trindadedonation25-Oct-2012£5.00£1.25Good Work Jonny!
Anonymousdonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Want you to arrive in London in dresses
Victoria Wooddonation25-Oct-2012£10.00£2.50Harry and Tim!!! xx
Phil Parrydonation25-Oct-2012£10.00For frocks sake, you lot are mental! Good work.
Emma Marshalldonation25-Oct-2012£25.00£6.25The guys look better in my dresses than I do !
Hannah Ddonation25-Oct-2012£5.00£1.25Beautiful!
Sooze Toozedonation25-Oct-2012£25.00£6.25Well done everyone, you're all so pretty! xx

My fundraising page is raising money for PNI ORG UK

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