Give homeless people shelter, warmth, food and company this Christmas

Jen Rodvold

Target: £200.00



Start Date: 08-Dec-2016

End Date: 31-Dec-2016

About my fundraising

I have been astounded by the increase in the number of homeless people in London since I moved here. There are so many people sleeping rough (even recently in our neighbourhood so not just in the city centre), and more who may be less visible: those struggling to afford a roof over their heads and just getting by in temporary accommodation. The thought of people out in the cold or without enough to get by at any time of year is bad enough, but at Christmas it is even worse. Over Christmas, my husband and I are going to spend three days at local shelters supported by the charity Crisis, and I have signed up to be a sponsored volunteer, which means I am also raising funds to support the work of Crisis. I know the holidays are an expensive time of year so please only give what you can. Every little bit goes to helping someone get shelter, warmth, food and company at Christmas. Thank you.

For more information about Crisis, please see

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Jenn and Chris Copedonation06-Jan-2017£50.00£12.50Well done guys! The world needs more of you!
Mom, Dad, Roger and Chrisdonation04-Jan-2017£41.00£10.25
DeWayne and Sofiadonation01-Jan-2017£30.00Sorry to be so late.
Lisa and Tabithadonation01-Jan-2017£10.00£2.50
Lynne Robinsondonation31-Dec-2016£25.00:)
Adam and Annabelledonation31-Dec-2016£50.00£12.50You are gooduns x
Sara McKinleydonation25-Dec-2016£25.00xxxxxxx
Alex Hennebergdonation18-Dec-2016£40.00£10.00Great cause Jen
Kate Heppdonation14-Dec-2016£25.00What a wonderful idea! have a lovely Christmas!
Annemarie Askewdonation14-Dec-2016£10.00£2.50Well done Jen, glad to support x
Jo Parkerdonation14-Dec-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck Jen, what a fantastic undertaking xx
Siva Niranjandonation12-Dec-2016£25.00£6.25Great work, Jen & Dave. All the best. Siva
Katherinedonation11-Dec-2016£100.00£25.00A great way to spend Christmas
Anonymousdonation10-Dec-2016£100.00I trust Jen Rodvold. Please help someone.
Ina-Mariadonation09-Dec-2016£25.00£6.25Fabulous of you both. Merry Christmas. Xx
Dominicdonation09-Dec-2016£25.00£6.25Christmas is a time of sharp contrasts. To have or have not.
Reid Elliottdonation08-Dec-2016£10.00Bravo Jen & Dave
David Stirrattdonation08-Dec-2016£25.00
Paul Marshdonation08-Dec-2016£50.00£12.50Fantastic cause Jen. Good luck, hope it goes well
Hannah Adamsdonation08-Dec-2016£10.00£2.50
Julia Anderheimdonation08-Dec-2016£25.00£6.25Wonderful of you to do this :-)
Sarah McFaddendonation08-Dec-2016£20.00£5.00A very worthy cause, it's so great you're doing this Jen!
Kelliedonation08-Dec-2016£20.00£5.00Fantastic charity, thanks Jen and Mr R for supporting. xx
Manojdonation08-Dec-2016£40.00£10.00What a wonderful cause and great you are both doing this
Graham Robertsdonation08-Dec-2016£10.00£2.50Hoping to make Christmas a little merrier

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