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Kathryn Samuel

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 25-Jul-2014

End Date: 08-Mar-2015

Event Date: 01-Mar-2015

About my fundraising

Earlier this year we sadly said our goodbyes to my brother Michael Samuel. He had fought a long and hard battle with a rare illness called VHL. Michael fought it with all his dignity and sense of humour and he faced everyday with the determination to enjoy it as much as possible. He is the bravest person I have had the pleasure of knowing.

There is one thing Michael enjoyed above all else and that was running along the beach at home with the wind in his face. For the last few years he spent each day fighting to regain that sense of freedom; his one wish was to feel the wind in his face and the sand beneath his feet. Thus it is in honour of Michael that I will be running the Anglesey Half Marathon in March 2015 to raise awareness and funds for the charity VHL UK/Ireland. A charity who seek to help and support the individuals and their families who are still fighting with VHL.

I would like to thank you all for your kind donations and support. For those who have stood by my...more more

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Gareth Samueldonation13-Mar-2015£10.00Good luck Kathryn
Merseyside police friendsdonation08-Mar-2015£115.00£28.75Congratulations to you all
Blundellsands Sailing clubdonation08-Mar-2015£150.00£37.50Well done to you all
Louise fieldingdonation08-Mar-2015£152.00£38.00Well done from all your friends
Tom Brannigan and the Guys from work.donation08-Mar-2015£50.00£12.50
Andy Polldonation08-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50
Rosalind Williamsdonation08-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50running free
Stephen Polldonation08-Mar-2015£50.00£12.50what a cracking day out running, couldn't be more proud!
CICO Chimneys / Huw Samueldonation07-Mar-2015£150.00Legs back to normal - a job well done everyone !!!
Julian Cloughdonation06-Mar-2015£30.00£7.50Fantastic effort! Well done!
Rhiandonation04-Mar-2015£50.00£12.50you all did soooo well, very proud of you xxxxxxxx
Vicki McKenziedonation04-Mar-2015£20.00£5.00Congratulations on a great effort!
Sean Rogersdonation04-Mar-2015£20.00Well done guys =]
Bridonation03-Mar-2015£5.00£1.25Well done Ryn
David Kennandonation02-Mar-2015£100.00£25.00Proud of you.... you did great xx
Joanne Overthrow-Jonesdonation02-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50well done.
Emma Gartsidedonation02-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50Well done Lou and all, fantastic achievement!
Sue Bond and the K boys at Radleydonation02-Mar-2015£24.00£6.00A little extra to help the fund
Jenny Loughtondonation02-Mar-2015£20.00£5.00Well done to u all great effort xxx
John and Valda Lewisdonation01-Mar-2015£25.00£6.25
Emma Suttondonation01-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50Well done Kathryn! Xx
ABIGAIL KAYdonation01-Mar-2015£20.00£5.00Good luck crazy running lady! xx
Steven biddlestonedonation28-Feb-2015£10.00£2.50Good luck Tell & the gang xxx
Laura Fiddemandonation28-Feb-2015£5.00£1.25Go smash it! xxx
Jennibeandonation28-Feb-2015£5.00£1.25You can do it! You can do it! Good luck girlies x
Aimee Clarkedonation28-Feb-2015£5.00£1.25Good luck girls!! You can do it!! xxx
Sarah Armitagedonation28-Feb-2015£5.00£1.25Good luck Kathryn! Your family must be so proud xx
Amandadonation27-Feb-2015£5.00£1.25Good luck this weekend YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!
Laura Samueldonation27-Feb-2015£10.00Good luck! I hope you ache less than I did afterwards!

My fundraising page is raising money for VHL UK/Ireland

About this charity

To relieve the charitable needs of persons who have von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome (VHL) and similar g...more

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