42 SPFL on a bike in a week

Craig Brown

Target: £5,000.00



Start Date: 31-May-2019

End Date: 30-Jun-2019

Event Date: 01-Jun-2019

About my fundraising

My son Ben has autistic spectrum disorder and having turned 18 recently will soon be leaving St Joseph's Specialist School. Ben has spent many happy hours in the play area over the years and I hope many more children and young people can enjoy this facility in the future. My aim is to raise money to provide a new sunken trampoline which will help children access the trampoline independently and also help access rebound therapy. This project involves excavating a large area and installing drainage under the trampoline. I will be cycling 750 miles across Scotland, with friends joining me on the way, from the 1st - 8th June 2019. I am aiming to visit all 42 Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) clubs starting at Dingwall and finishing in Glasgow. Please help with this important fundraising for this great school.

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John Dalydonation17-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Well done. Great acheivement!
Christine Thomasdonation17-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Well done Craig :-) x
Mike Lorddonation17-Jun-2019£100.00great effort Craig and an excellent cause
Michael Hughesdonation16-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Well done to you all.
Derek Millerdonation16-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Well done Craig and friends, brilliant effort
Dai Smithdonation15-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Well done Craig
Pete Gdonation14-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Well done!
Trevordonation14-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Gtreat effort Craig and team. Trevor
Jackie Nobledonation14-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00
Regi Blinkerdonation13-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Fabulous effort
The other John Taylordonation13-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00
Denis Garveydonation13-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Brilliant achievement for a great cause. I trust the warmest welcome was at Celtic Park!
Pumodonation13-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Who won the race?
Mark & Karendonation13-Jun-2019£250.00£62.50Well done cuz
Rosina Barnettdonation13-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Well done Craig
David Barberdonation13-Jun-2019£42.00£10.50Great effort!
Frank Doyledonation13-Jun-2019£100.00£25.00Good effort wee man
Terry Mellishdonation13-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Heroic effort all round. You could have just ridden around Ibrox a few thousand times and you would have been in your comfort zone!
Jules Browndonation13-Jun-2019£50.00Isn't 42 the meaning of life?
John Taylordonation12-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Well done, Craig. Surprised you included ParkheadQ
anonymousdonation12-Jun-2019£75.00Wonderful trip, was it not supposed to be in Jan!
Rob Barrdonation12-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Congrats Craig and team. Amazing effort for a great cause. Clydebank? No more!
Nick Groomdonation12-Jun-2019£20.00£5.00Well done, great effort!
Dougie Ferransdonation12-Jun-2019£100.00great effort!
Mark Nicolldonation12-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Great effort and amazing achievement, well done all.
Dave Holdingdonation12-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Congrats boys. Fantastic effort.
David Kerrdonation12-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50??Fir Park the home of fooootball ??

My fundraising page is raising money for St Joseph's Specialist Trust

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