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About National Coal Mining Museum for England Trust Ltd

Set in a rural site, the National Coal Mining Museum for England is a unique collection of buildings, displays and galleries which reveal the hidden world of mining through the centuries, telling the stories of mining methods and machinery, the miners and their families. Admission to the Museum and underground is free. Put on your hard hat and battery lamp, step into the cage and descend 140m underground; follow your ex-miner guide through the chilly, dark tunnels to find out how coal was mined and moved to the surface by men, women, children, ponies and machinery. Return to the surface after just an hour and, as you emerge into the daylight, you'll wonder just how they survived - and understand why so many didn't. Explore two collieries (Caphouse and Hope), the pit-head baths, wages office and the huge winding wheels, then visit our galleries and displays to see how mining communities lived, worked and relaxed. Peep into the 1940s kitchen; discover how events such as World War II and...more more

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