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Website: www.avalongroup.org.uk

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About Avalon Group

The Avalon Group supports adults with disabilities and mental health needs across Yorkshire and the North East. We provide specialist Shared Lives services, which offer people with a support need the chance to live with a family rather than in residential care, and we also provide bespoke dementia care in the community to allow those living with dementia to live in their family home as long as possible.

Our support is person centred, and means those who receive our care take full control over their lives and the choices they make.

We would love to reach more people, particularly in rural areas, or those who are isolated in their communities, to provide meaningful moments and offer fulfilment each and every day.

Funds raised may be used to ...

Every £50 raised pays for our minibus to provide services to customers in rural areas. £100 can support the provision of a local dementia day service.

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Carol WoodheadEveryclick Search£0.24Every search raises money
Susan EdwardsEveryclick Search£1.26Every search raises money
Gillian HutchinsonEveryclick Search£3.12Every search raises money
Ian DavisonEveryclick Search£3.53Every search raises money
Jane EdmondEveryclick Search£0.29Every search raises money
Daniel CraneEveryclick Search£2.82Every search raises money
Debra WhissonEveryclick Search£0.75Every search raises money
Sarah KilbyEveryclick Search£2.06Every search raises money
janis calladeneEveryclick Search£2.58Every search raises money
Julie ColleyEveryclick Search£0.22Every search raises money
Tim KnightonEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Andrew FirthEveryclick Search£0.37Every search raises money
Keith WyattEveryclick Search£0.42Every search raises money
Annmarie HugoEveryclick Search£0.86Every search raises money
Maureen RobsonEveryclick Search£0.20Every search raises money
sharon holdEveryclick Search£1.10Every search raises money
Madeleine ErbeEveryclick Search£0.43Every search raises money
Joyce TerryEveryclick Search£0.35Every search raises money
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