WISE: Zakatu'l-Fitr 2018

Zakat Al-Fitr

Target: £5,000.00



Start Date: 19-May-2018

End Date: 19-Jun-2018

About my fundraising

£4 Per Head

Zakatu'l-Fitr is due upon every Muslim, male or female or child and must be given in foodstuff before Eidu'l Fitr. WISE representatives or partners will buy foodstuffs with the money (as is the Sunnah) and distribute to the poor and needy.

Currently the following areas are supported by WISE through some of its key partners at a cost of £4 Per Head for each location.

***** Locations Supported ******

1. Pakistan

2. Palestine

3. Syria

Further areas will be updated inshallaah once support is confirmed.

**** When making a payment please leave a comment stating: ****

1. Number of people

2. Location desired

(Example: 4 People - Palestine)

If no mention is made of location then distribution will be done based on WISE Welfare discretion. Please note this page will be closed 1 week prior to the end of Ramadaan to allow for monies to be sent, storable foods to be purchased and then distributed in the relevant re...more more

Raised byTypeAmountGiftAid*Comment

* Gift Aid amount shown is not included in the appeal total and is dependent on confirmation from HMRC.

** Pledges are not included in the total until they are paid.

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Shabnam Malikdonation14-Jun-2018£20.00£5.00Palestine
Louiza Chekhardonation09-Jun-2018£5.00
Anonymousdonation09-Jun-2018£32.00Zakat Al fitr
K Younisdonation09-Jun-2018£24.00£6.006 people - anywhere
Anonymousdonation09-Jun-2018£20.00£5.005 people - pakistan
Rashid Mehmooddonation08-Jun-2018£16.00
Atif khandonation08-Jun-2018£8.00£2.00Most needed fitrana
Sajad Hayatdonation08-Jun-2018£36.00£9.00
Anonymousdonation08-Jun-2018£30.007 people -palastine
Saad Rehmandonation08-Jun-2018£20.00£5.005 people. Syria.
Wazzadonation08-Jun-2018£32.008 People - Where needed most
Yasser Sarfrazdonation08-Jun-2018£16.004 people, Palestine 🇵🇸

My fundraising page is raising money for WISE (Welfare)

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WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society) provides services to the Muslim community and information on Islam ...more

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