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About Wherry Yacht Charter Trust

The Trust was established in 2002 with the aim of protecting, restoring and sailing the three wherries Hathor, Olive and Norada, whilst keeping them together as the only remaining fleet of Wherries. We purchased the boats in July 2006 and now need your help to secure a future for these unique historic craft. Our aim is to restore them and continue to make them available to the public, for chartering, and for environmental education.

Norada was under restoration from 2006-2012. Bar a few finishing touches, she is now complete. Olive's restoration began in earnest in 2011, and while her hull was completed in 2013, her interior is still to be finished. Their sister vessel White Moth was acquired by one of our Trustees in 2012 and is in sailing order, although we have made a few changes to bring her back to original/traditional specification. Hathor carried out a farewell tour in 2009, and was then stored until 2013. She has been pulled on to our slipway for hull work over winter 20...more more

Funds raised may be used to ...

The Trust is supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), but this does require us to raise further money in order to "unlock" the HLF funds. So £10 raised via Everyclick is worth almost £30 when we add in HLF match funding, and may also then gain us further money from other grants depending what we buy, which boat we work on, or what activities we do with it.

Recent donations for Wherry Yacht Charter Trust

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Sue AppletonGive as you Live£1.94I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
movideomattGive as you Live£3.08I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Steven Gear-Evansdonation01-Sep-2015£40.00£10.00Thanks To Rose Chadderton for suggesting this site.
AnonymousEveryclick Search£8.98Every search raises money
movideomattEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Jenny Lawrencedonation05-Nov-2013£100.00A little extra from one of your 'Friends',
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Broadland DCdonation06-Dec-2012£81.00Th money was raised by holding a Raffle, prizes were donated
Sue AppletonEveryclick Search£5.57Every search raises money
EllenEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Peter Crawleydonation08-Dec-2010£100.00£28.00To help continue the good work of Aitken and Frances Clarke.
Katy WaltersEveryclick Search£7.05Every search raises money
Lottie CarltonEveryclick Search£7.16Every search raises money
Katy does the CowmanEveryclick Search£0.13Every search raises money
Katy does the Cowmandonation07-Jul-2009£15.00£4.20Congratulations Katie - big effort!!
Katy does the Cowmandonation29-Jun-2009£15.00£4.20Well done Katy!
Katy does the Cowmandonation25-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80good luck!
Katy does the Cowmandonation24-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Go get em.
Katy does the Cowmandonation24-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Good effort. Keep them Wherries going.
Katy does the Cowmandonation23-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Enjoy! We'll be thinking of you!
Katy does the Cowmandonation22-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Go Katy! Hope you enjoy it.
Katy does the Cowmandonation17-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Go Katy Go
Katy does the Cowmandonation17-Jun-2009£15.00£4.20Go girl!
Katy does the Cowmandonation16-Jun-2009£50.00£14.003 races in one?!! This is seriously impressive - good luck!!
Katy does the Cowmandonation10-Jun-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck Katy!
Katy does the Cowmandonation10-Jun-2009£5.00Best of luck Katy.... wish I could afford more. x
Katy does the Cowmandonation09-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Good luck, Katy! Hope it's fun!
Katy does the Cowmandonation09-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Enjoy.We'll install a chairlift in ZICER for the week after!

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