Voice For Peace

Muhammad Khurshid

Target: £10,000.00



Start Date: 20-Feb-2018

End Date: 28-Feb-2018

Event Date: 28-Feb-2018

About my fundraising

Voice For Peace, based in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, promotes peace and the rule of law while seeking to extinguish violence, corruption, and terrorism. Voice For Peace promotes education and sustainable employment as tools that can deprive terrorists of new recruits, thus helping develop a more peaceful society. Originally founded with a vision of building schools to serve youth, mothers, and others in Pakistan?s neglected tribal areas, the advent of war has spurred Voice For Peace to expand its mission, cooperating with the United Nations, the Government of Pakistan, and other organizations to help meet the immediate needs of people displaced by systemic violence. Voice For Peace seeks an end to violence in Bajaur Agency and the world, and is committed to promoting education, sustainable employment, and the rule of law without resorting to violence in any form. Voice For Peace affirms the innate and equal worth of every human being.

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My fundraising page is raising money for WISE (Welfare)

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WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society) provides services to the Muslim community and information on Islam ...more

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