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About Vision Aid Overseas

Vision Aid Overseas is a charity dedicated to people in the developing world whose lives are blighted by poor eyesight. 300 million people in the worlds poorest countries need spectacles to live an ordinary life, but do not have them due to poverty and the lack of optical services. The World Health Organisation has acknowledged this as the leading cause of avoidable visual impairment. Many people who are functionally blind simply need spectacles to see. Without them children fail at school, mothers and fathers have to stop working and elderly people are forced to live without dignity. The consequences for individuals and their communities can be devastating.

Some shocking facts:

90% of people without access to spectacles live in the developing world.

There are 16,000 optical professionals working in the UK. In Zambia there are none.

It can cost VAO as little as £3 to transform someones life with a pair of spectacles.

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