Farm animals for Christmas for Uzima's children

Clare Griffin

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 18-Nov-2018

End Date: 31-Dec-2018

Event Date: 15-Feb-2019

About my fundraising

This Christmas we're supporting Uzima again - and are asking you to join in and help buy a farm for them! Uzima is a day care centre in rural western Kenya which provides education and 2 meals a day to 300 children who live in abject poverty. All have lost one or both parents, mainly to AIDS but often to other disease and the effects of poverty. The children are aged between 4 and 18 and recently three vocational classrooms were built following an intense fund raising campaign. This will allow the older children to continue to learn life skills whilst being supported by Uzima. When Annie and Clare (cousins!) go to Uzima in February we would like to be able to buy farm animals. These will provide essential fresh food - eggs, milk and meat- and the children will be taught how to care for the animals as part of their vocational training. Please donate as much as you can afford - thank you. £250 buys a cow £100 buys a pig and enough feed for a year £40 buys a sheep or goat £10 buys a c...more more

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Caroline & Aldonation24-Dec-2018£10.00Merry Christmas Linda xx
Linda & Mumdonation24-Dec-2018£20.00£5.00Merry Christmas Caroline & Al - 2 chooks for Uzima 🎅🏾
Su, Simon, Zara and Beadonation24-Dec-2018£10.00£2.50Happy Christmas Everyone!
Rosemary Stanleydonation23-Dec-2018£20.00MERRY CHRISTMAS MIKE AND CAROL STANLEY!
MonIca Divverdonation21-Dec-2018£40.00£10.00I like goats
Christine Griffindonation20-Dec-2018£25.00£6.25
Caroline & Aldonation19-Dec-2018£25.00Merry Christmas to all our family xxxooxxx
Linda & Paulinedonation15-Dec-2018£30.00£7.50Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🏾
Elizabeth Divverdonation05-Dec-2018£100.00£25.00A very merry Christmas to everyone from Liz and Marc xxx
Cathy Stackdonation04-Dec-2018£20.00£5.00
Clare Griffindonation01-Dec-2018£100.00£25.00Happy Christmas to friends and family!!!

My fundraising page is raising money for Uzima in our Hands

About this charity

Uzima provides a basic education, medical treatment and 2 meals a day for children who may be suff...more

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