Tymes Trust (The Young ME Sufferers Trust)

Charity No: 1080985

URL: https://www.everyclick.com/tymestrust

Website: www.tymestrust.org

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About Tymes Trust (The Young ME Sufferers Trust)

Tymes Trust (The Young ME Sufferers Trust) is the longest established UK service for young ME sufferers, families and professionals. It is a respected national charity whose entire professional team give their time free of charge.


Tel: 0845 003 9002

Recent donations for Tymes Trust (The Young ME Sufferers Trust)

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samanthaEveryclick Search£0.79Every search raises money
samanthaGive as you Live£10.54I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Agnes peyserGive as you Live£4.23I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Dave's November Moustache Challenge 2012Give as you Live£3.11I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
julia peculiarGive as you Live£17.96I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£7.29I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£67.39Every search raises money
Jayne Tappdonation16-May-2015£17.00From the Princesses and ME auction
Emmadonation14-May-2015£20.00Payment for auction item from the Princess and M.E auction
Sian Woottondonation14-May-2015£35.00Money raised as part of The Princesses and M.E event auction
Agnes peyserEveryclick Search£46.06Every search raises money
Half Marathondonation24-Aug-2014£5.00Sorry it's taken me ages! Well done and thank you.
Half Marathondonation30-Jun-2014£10.00£2.50
Half Marathondonation16-Jun-2014£20.00£5.00
Half Marathondonation12-Jun-2014£5.00£1.25
Half Marathondonation09-Jun-2014£10.00£2.50
Half Marathondonation09-Jun-2014£15.00£3.75
Half Marathondonation08-Jun-2014£20.00£5.00So proud. What a great friend to Moo. And great cause xxx
Half Marathondonation08-Jun-2014£25.00£6.25
Half Marathondonation08-Jun-2014£25.00
Half Marathondonation08-Jun-2014£10.00£2.50This is gonnabe no sweat for you Gooch!! x
Half Marathondonation07-Jun-2014£15.00£3.75Thanks for doing this. Good luck!
Half Marathondonation07-Jun-2014£10.00£2.50
Half Marathondonation07-Jun-2014£20.00£5.00Good luck!
Half Marathondonation06-Jun-2014£30.00you go bwo!
Half Marathondonation06-Jun-2014£20.00£5.00Good luck Matthew, we'll be rooting for you!
Half Marathondonation06-Jun-2014£10.00£2.50Best wishes and good luck
Half Marathondonation06-Jun-2014£5.00£1.25Good Luck matt
Half Marathondonation06-Jun-2014£50.00Best of luck Matt!
Half Marathondonation02-Jun-2014£100.00£25.00Good luck

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