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About The Scrine Foundation

Our charity exists to promote the relief of poverty, sickness and distress among persons in need. This is to include those not catered for by existing statutory or voluntary services within the United Kingdom. We operate a night shelter and other supported housing provision; we have a jobs education and training team, a drug alcohol and mental health team and a resettlement and tenancy sustainment team. We also manage finding your feet (asylum seeker and refugee education project) and Kent literacy scheme.

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£525.63Every search raises money
Jonathan LimeburyEveryclick Search£5.26Every search raises money
Belper SchoolEveryclick Search£0.05Every search raises money
Corexe LtdEveryclick Search£0.03Every search raises money
WiseMoneyEveryclick Search£0.06Every search raises money
Totally Insured GroupEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Advantage Business AngelsEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Bill Bird Shoes LtdEveryclick Search£0.07Every search raises money
Affinity ButtonEveryclick Search£0.03Every search raises money
Raven Black MusicEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
2BmatesEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
MKP EntertainmentEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Cadbury Trebor BassettEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Charles and Ashby Revenue Management LtdEveryclick Search£0.19Every search raises money
Oh So LtdEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Co-Operative SystemsEveryclick Search£0.15Every search raises money
Frank! Communication SolutionsEveryclick Search£0.03Every search raises money
TPP NewmanEveryclick Search£0.03Every search raises money
Royal Forest of Dean CollegeEveryclick Search£0.24Every search raises money
Plumbing AcademyEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Sue FidlerEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money

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