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About The Bold Balladiers

The Bold Balladiers is a group of professional musicians and actors based in Central London. They aim to keep alive the very best of Britain?s traditional popular music. As well as public performances thay have a thriving Community Outreach Programme, which operates throughout the UK. This Programme has two branches. 1) Educational for primary and junior schools, enriching two National Curriculum topics ? The Victorians and The Second World War. 2) Therapeutic for hospitals, hospices, residential/nursing homes and sheltered housing schemes. The Community Outreach Programme has traveled from the North of Shetland to Penzance in Cornwall. The performers are in authentic period costume and encourage active audience participation. Musicians and actors are all experienced teachers, and are also comfortable with a range of physical and mental disabilities including children with special needs and those suffering from Alzheimer?s. Because operations are supported by charitable donati...more more

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