Hadrian's Wall Run

Stephen Mahon

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 08-Apr-2011

End Date: 30-Apr-2011

Event Date: 15-Apr-2011

About my fundraising

You know I am not designed to run 85 miles in 3 days, but hope you will sponsor me in the happy knowledge of my impending discomfort as I run coast-to-coast along the route of Hadrian's Wall.

I am raising money for CISV NE, a charity that brings children together from across the globe in month-long summer camps. It is a valuable experience in mixing with a range of cultures and backgrounds. My daughter was lucky enough to go to a camp last year and I have seen the positive and maturing effect this has had. I want others benefit similarly and thus I am seeking your sponsorship.

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Keith Barnhamdonation20-Apr-2011£25.00£6.25Well done Steve! You've more staying power than the Arsenal!
Paul Cleghorndonation19-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50Great work Steve
Stephen Rigbydonation19-Apr-2011£100.00£25.00Well done
Akif Chaudhrydonation18-Apr-2011£20.00£5.00
Mark Warddonation18-Apr-2011£25.00£6.25
cHRIS bROGANdonation17-Apr-2011£20.00£5.00Good Luck.
TER & JWRdonation16-Apr-2011£100.00Good luck Steve....
KARR group-Rob/Larry/Johndonation15-Apr-2011£150.00run Steve run
Chris Shannondonation15-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50Good luck with the run Steve. Enjoy :-)
Richard Kapuscinskidonation15-Apr-2011£50.00Good Luck from Canada
Tom Whitehousedonation14-Apr-2011£100.00£25.00Good luck Steve
Paul Quigleydonation14-Apr-2011£25.00£6.25Well done CISV!!
Andrew Newmandonation14-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50
Andrew Affleckdonation14-Apr-2011£50.00Make sure you come back in 1 piece...remember your age!
Therrell "Sonny" Murphydonation13-Apr-2011£200.00May the road rise up to meet you with the wind at your back
chris simpsondonation13-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50I could organise a conference call if you need a rest.......
David J. and Jean M. Gunterdonation13-Apr-2011£100.00We are proud to work with you, and good luck!
Andrew Hdonation12-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50good luck ...!
Mark Shorrockdonation12-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50Good luck from us all at Low Carbon!
kevindonation11-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50Good luck with your run, anyway marathons are tougher !!
John Holmesdonation11-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50Sounds very tough;I wish you all the very best
Ali MacDonalddonation11-Apr-2011£20.00£5.00Want more Scots to sponsor you ? Lower the limit !
Lee Mortondonation11-Apr-2011£100.00£25.00We need more men on the wall, some scots are getting in!
Richard Brucedonation10-Apr-2011£20.00£5.00Go go, you blighter.
Tracy, Ellie & Harvey xdonation10-Apr-2011£50.00£12.50

My fundraising page is raising money for CISV NE (Children's International Summer Villages North East)

About this charity

Since 1951, CISV NE has been offering a range of local activities, international camps, family-hos...more

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