David Johnson help was at hand

ian Winfield

Target: £100.00



Start Date: 23-Aug-2015

End Date: 11-May-2016

About my fundraising

Sobell House helped Dave through his last months and days. Please donate so that they can help others. We have also set up a page for his passion, the railways and you can give to Chinnor as well. The target is arbitrary, please give what you can, (minimum set by website at £5, if you want to give less please pass them to Ian Winfield and I will put any smaller amounts together to donate. The charities thank you.

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Abbi Mcdonation02-May-2016£237.00£59.25From all of us, thank you for taking care of our friend.
John Matthewsdonation07-Oct-2015£15.00£3.75Dave no words can describe your passing.
John Egandonation23-Sep-2015£20.00£5.00Thanks for helping Dave so much - you do what I can't
SJDdonation17-Sep-2015£10.00£2.50Good cause: live-in carer was of great help and comfort
Daniel Smartdonation03-Sep-2015£10.00£2.50
John Webbdonation02-Sep-2015£10.00£2.50Fondly remembered for his quiet ways and loud shirts
Graemedonation29-Aug-2015£15.00£3.75let something good come of this!
Anonymousdonation22-Aug-2015£5.00£1.25Rest well my friend

My fundraising page is raising money for Sobell House

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We are Sobell House. We are dedicated to providing specialist end of life care and support to adul...more

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