Hana's skydiving for the British Lung Foundation!

Hana Tubbs

Target: £800.00



Start Date: 01-Aug-2017

End Date: 07-Jul-2018

Event Date: 12-Jun-2017

About my fundraising

On the 14th October I will take to the skies and fall from a plane at 10,000ft!

I am raising money (and awareness) for the British Lung Foundation who do research into prevention and treatments for lung diseases including lung cancers. This is an illness that my family and I have unfortunately seen the devastating effects of.

Your donation, however large or small, will count towards funding this vital research.

I will be jumping at 10.30am AT THE London Parachute School, Ipsden, (Nr Reading) OX10 6AS so think of me, or even better - come and show your support!

UPDATE! I am now jumping on Sat 12th June at 09:30. The location is the same, should you wish to come and join us. Fingers crossed for a clear sky this time!

Thank you in advance xx

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Jules Ellisdonation14-Nov-2017£20.00£5.00
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Debbie Lindsleydonation12-Oct-2017£10.00£2.50Hats off to you Hannah, such a brave thing to do.
Mrs Caroline C Franklindonation11-Oct-2017£20.00£5.00Be careful xx
Davedonation05-Oct-2017£45.00£11.25Really proud of you x
Gini Forresterdonation04-Oct-2017£10.00£2.50Your mum told me of your heroic but completely mad plan.
Pops & Sandiedonation01-Oct-2017£50.00£12.50
Diana Burgessdonation24-Sep-2017£20.00
Ben Foremandonation19-Sep-2017£100.00£25.00
Ashly Paynedonation19-Sep-2017£5.00Enjoy!
Emma Mcdonation18-Sep-2017£10.00£2.50Good Luck!
Hannah Baldwindonation15-Sep-2017£25.00£6.25Good Luck
Ali and Ruby xxxxxxdonation18-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Please do a video!!
Emmadonation18-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Crazy lady! Go for it!! xx
Karen, Jason & Mark xxdonation15-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25
Nick Waltzdonation15-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25
Bex Wooddonation15-Aug-2017£10.00
Amanda Readheaddonation15-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50
Barry Pagedonation14-Aug-2017£50.00£12.50Enjoy every minute but please be careful. I am so proud. X
vicki frenchdonation14-Aug-2017£15.00Go Hana go.XXX
Dave Tunstalldonation06-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25a bargain to watch you fall out the sky !!
Laura Williamsdonation04-Aug-2017£15.00£3.75I'm paying you to do it so I never have too
Mamadonation02-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Safe landing xx
Amandadonation02-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50You are amazing, go Hana, to infinity & beyond!! Xx
Heididonation01-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Good Luck Hana! You are an inspiration!
Matt Browndonation01-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck and have fun!
Nicola Hodgedonation01-Aug-2017£20.00Good luck Hanna!
Auntie S.donation01-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Brave lady!
Mum!donation01-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Proud of you - very brave. Safe landing!!!

My fundraising page is raising money for UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd

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