Ed & Conor Tame The Solent

Ed and Conor

Target: £800.00



Start Date: 08-Apr-2015

End Date: 15-Jul-2015

Event Date: 28-Jun-2015

About my fundraising

In the name of charity, Ed & Conor will be taking on the Solent this June. A treacherous 1.2 miles of sea water stands between them and their intended destination, the Isle of Wight. It's doubtful they'll make it...

Yes, this is 25 miles short of a marathon and yes, there is a perfectly good ferry service. However, it is unlikely that anyone would sponsor them for using it.

More seriously, it is of course all in the name of a good cause - or two good causes in fact. Firstly, they aim to raise money for the West Wight Sports Centre Trust who organise the event. Secondly they hope to raise funds for the fantastic Whittington Hospital in north London.

We hope you agree that these are worthy causes and dig deep.

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Toridonation30-Jun-2015£25.00£6.25Nutter - job well done though - 1st and 2nd next year!!!
Paul Champkindonation30-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50Well done guys, Conor - you are my hero.!
Crannersdonation30-Jun-2015£25.00My name is Conor Boyd and I have dominated the Solent.
Amydonation28-Jun-2015£20.00£5.00Hope there were no heart-related incidents!
Clairedonation28-Jun-2015£25.00£6.25Knew you could do it! Well done both xx
Juliet Boyddonation28-Jun-2015£60.00£15.00Well done! Congratulations
Dan and Alexdonation28-Jun-2015£50.00£12.50Good luck!
Jonathan Chambersdonation25-Jun-2015£20.00£5.00Good luck both you, looks like great weather for you!
Mo Fodonation22-Jun-2015£50.00£12.50Please stay on the surface
Graeme Browndonation04-Jun-2015£50.00£12.50don't borrow Birks' speedos - they'll be very, very tight...
Anonymousdonation04-Jun-2015£5.00Good luck to you both for the swim, and well done!
Janakadonation03-Jun-2015£20.00Please take your skidlid Ed!
Fieldmicedonation26-May-2015£40.00£10.00I cannot overstate this. You must occasionally come up for air.
James & Katy Bdonation19-May-2015£20.00£5.00Good luck to you both - great effort
Paul Teversondonation18-May-2015£25.00£6.25Hope you've warned the lifeguards this time
michael braydonation18-May-2015£25.00£6.25Don't forget the tide or you'll finish at Lands End
Anonymousdonation18-May-2015£50.00£12.50Wily weasels wisely wheeze when wading in water...Good Luck!
Adam Burmisterdonation14-May-2015£50.00We failed to get rid of you the 1st time, so let's try again
Chris and Frandonation13-May-2015£30.00£7.50I'll double it if you can hold your breath the whole way....
LEILAdonation06-May-2015£15.00£3.75Go Conor & Ed !! Inspirational Stuff XXX
The Baldwinsdonation04-May-2015£20.00£5.00Good luck from The Baldwins
Tom & Cathydonation30-Apr-2015£20.00£5.00Remember from experience - the easy bit is in the water!
Rob Boyddonation28-Apr-2015£30.00£7.50Sorry not to join you...next time. Good luck
Kenny & Nicoladonation26-Apr-2015£25.00£6.25Swim like the fish you know you can be!
richard Thimblebydonation26-Apr-2015£25.00£6.25Good luck guys.

My fundraising page is raising money for West Wight Sports and Community Centre Trust

About this charity

West Wight Sports and Community Centre provides sports, recreation and community facilities and is...more

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