About Sang-ngak-cho-dzong

Sang-ngak-cho-dzong supports Buddhist practice and teachings in the West, and in particular the non-monastic traditions of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

Our main project at the moment is the appeal to create the Drala Jong retreat centre

Other projects include:

Provision of housing and medical care for Tibetan Lamas in exile from their homeland.

Making Buddhist teachings accessible to Westerners and in particular: Unique teachings on how to establish and maintain happy and healthy romantic relationships between men and women. Working with emotions as a path to liberation.

The support of Buddhist art and craft such as Thangka painting, Cham (Lama Dance) and the creation of sacred Treasure Vases.

Recent donations for Sang-ngak-cho-dzong

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* Gift Aid amount shown is not included in the appeal total and is dependent on confirmation from HMRC.

The transactions listed on this page may not add up to the total shown at the top. It is not always possible to display all transactions.

AnonymousEveryclick Search£328.19Every search raises money
'o-Dzin TridralEveryclick Search£0.37Every search raises money
'o-Dzin TridralGive as you Live£0.50I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Kira O'ReillyGive as you Live£1.29I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£5.57I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£6.20I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Rangjung RigdzinEveryclick Search£24.63Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Help a Tibetan ChildEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
thrinle chatralEveryclick Search£0.74Every search raises money
Mark NelsonEveryclick Search£0.08Every search raises money
Seng-ge DorjeEveryclick Search£0.13Every search raises money
Colin TarryEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Cris WatkinsEveryclick Search£22.87Every search raises money
Verena MattheyEveryclick Search£1.68Every search raises money
Yvette HainesEveryclick Search£1.38Every search raises money
Belper SchoolEveryclick Search£0.20Every search raises money
Royal Forest of Dean CollegeEveryclick Search£0.08Every search raises money
Charles and Ashby Revenue Management LtdEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Llanfyllin High SchoolEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Corexe LtdEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
WiseMoneyEveryclick Search£0.18Every search raises money
Bill Bird Shoes LtdEveryclick Search£0.31Every search raises money
Affinity ButtonEveryclick Search£0.08Every search raises money
StarEveryclick Search£0.03Every search raises money

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