Sam & Sharon's Sky Diving Adventure

Sam Kennedy

Target: £1,600.00



Start Date: 04-Jul-2018

End Date: 31-Jul-2018

About my fundraising

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.

Alzheimer's is a disease that does not discriminate. Knowing the day is coming when your loved one won't know or recognise you is the most horrific feeling you will ever know.

We will be partaking in a sky dive to raise money and support the vital work the Alzheimer's Society is doing in researching, awareness raising, policy influencing and supporting those affected by dementia.

Please sponsor us. Your kindness and generosity will be greatly appreciated:

- If we reach our sponsorship target of £1,600 in July, we'll jump *solo* from an aeroplane and bring ourselves down to earth, single-handed.

- If we don't reach our target, we'll still jump but we'll be *strapped to a professional sky diver*, who will pull the cord and guide us down.

So please dig deep and donate now... and force us to do the solo jump!

Thank you so much, Sam (Kennedy) & Sharon (Muzangwa)

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Everyclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
HRCdonation22-Aug-2018£200.00Fantastic achievement to two very courageous people!!
Nassydonation22-Aug-2018£5.00£1.25Well done both!
Alison Rutherforddonation01-Aug-2018£25.00£6.25
Joanne hallamdonation28-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Flying high Sam. All the best.
Lori Barkerdonation27-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Great cause! Great experience!
Amandadonation25-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Great charity, wonderful thing to do - enjoy
Pauldonation24-Jul-2018£15.00£3.75Good luck, had you considered busking?
Eric Gulliksendonation24-Jul-2018£30.00£7.50
Evelyne Kennedydonation16-Jul-2018£30.00£7.50Let me know AFTER you've safely landed!
Tracey Groverdonation16-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50it's a great cause -go get!
Stewart Harrisondonation16-Jul-2018£5.00£1.25Good Luck
Beandonation14-Jul-2018£25.00£6.25Go Samski!!!! 👍
SIOBHAN DUNNEdonation13-Jul-2018£25.00£6.25good luck you two- bonkers!
sharon Cosbydonation13-Jul-2018£5.00£1.25Good luck to you both and a great cause :)
Tony Hodgesdonation12-Jul-2018£25.00£6.25Remember: ALWAYS fold your own parachute
Kam Nandradonation10-Jul-2018£50.00Good luck!
Mariadonation10-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00Good Luck
Laura Daydonation10-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Good luck to you both! x
Sophiedonation10-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Good luck Sam and Sharon!
Janine Warddonation10-Jul-2018£10.00£2.50Good Luck to you both!
Robyn Smalesdonation10-Jul-2018£5.00£1.25
B Slaterdonation10-Jul-2018£5.00£1.25Good stuff, well done!
Jamie Fairbankdonation10-Jul-2018£20.00£5.00

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