Ron & Jo's 4x4 challenge to Sarmisegetusa Regia

Jo Jowett

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 14-Jun-2010

End Date: 25-Oct-2010

Event Date: 25-Oct-2010

About my fundraising

Our 4x4 sponsored challenge will take us from the village of Igisu Nou in Transylvania, which is home to Love Light Romania to Sarmisegetusa Regia

Our target is 1,000 pounds 500 pounds each and will support Love Light Romania Aid and the construction of a new children's accommodation unit for Love Light Romania in Igisu Nou Transylvania.

This four day challenge will see the two 4x4's crossing three mountain ranges on roads that are un-accesible for normal vehicles to an altitude of 6,500 feet.

Sarmisegetuza Regia is the name of the capital of pre-Roman Dacia, actually a complex of sanctuaries situated in the mountains of Orastie at an altitude of of 3,937 feet. Archeologists assert that the city was raised in between the 3rd and 2nd century before Christ.

The name of the children's accommodation unit is "Casa Mariana" and this project is dedicated to the memory of Colin Lowery and Paul Willett.

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.06Every search raises money
Anonymousdonation23-Oct-2010£25.00£7.00Enjoy the ride, Love Lisa
Paula Bolgerdonation09-Oct-2010£40.00£11.20
Eloisedonation19-Aug-2010£411.21£115.14From Eloise, Helen, Hannah, Katy & Becca sponsored walk xx
Dawn Readdonation04-Aug-2010£50.00Best of luck for the trip
lisadonation30-Jul-2010£100.00£28.00Thinking of you all x
Silvanadonation14-Jul-2010£10.00£2.80Well done guys, shine on!

My fundraising page is raising money for LOVE LIGHT ROMANIA AID

About this charity

We try to bring relief and improve the lives of children & young people living in need in the area...more

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