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Charity No: 1138287

URL: https://www.everyclick.com/rainforestfoundation

Website: www.rainforestfoundationuk.org

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About Rainforest Foundation [UK]

The Rainforest Foundation supports indigenous people and traditional populations of the world's rainforests to protect their environment and fulfill their rights to land and livelihood. To date the Rainforest Foundation has protected over 11,700,000 hectares of rainforest by securing rights for forest people. Our work is currently focused in the Congo Basin rainforest in Central Africa and the Andean Amazon region in South America.

Funds raised may be used to ...

£57 provides a community with one specially-adapted smartphone to capture reports of illegal activities in the forest.

Recent donations for Rainforest Foundation [UK]

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Chris ScaifeEveryclick Search£20.85Every search raises money
Chris ScaifeGive as you Live£33.33I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Martha McPhersonGive as you Live£3.14I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£2.05I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£1.22I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£0.17I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£81.27Every search raises money
SivanEveryclick Search£0.51Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
David JamesEveryclick Search£0.83Every search raises money
aluisaEveryclick Search£0.37Every search raises money
frank425Everyclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Bob OrlandoEveryclick Search£0.86Every search raises money
Kimmy88Everyclick Search£1.07Every search raises money
Kirstie HaywardEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Alex HudsonEveryclick Search£1.29Every search raises money
Georgia MasonEveryclick Search£0.04Every search raises money
Rhiannon'F xEveryclick Search£0.04Every search raises money
heather talbotEveryclick Search£0.44Every search raises money
Suzanne HydesEveryclick Search£32.56Every search raises money
Chris RedstonEveryclick Search£10.56Every search raises money
Jenny KilgourEveryclick Search£0.06Every search raises money
Annalee TennantEveryclick Search£0.17Every search raises money
Martha McPhersonEveryclick Search£0.49Every search raises money
Radostina KazminEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money

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