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About Plantlife

Plantlife is the organisation that is speaking up for the nations wild plants. We work hard to protect wild plants on the ground and to build understanding of the vital role they play in everyones lives.

Funds raised may be used to ...

Plantlife carries out practical conservation work across Britain, manages nature reserves, influences policy and legislation, runs events and activities that help people discover wild plants and works with others to promote the conservation of wild plants for the benefit of all. Funds raised may be used: - for a specific conservation project, such as our Juniper project which is addressing the decline of Juniper across the lowlands of England (In Southern England, many counties have recorded losses of Juniper between 70-80%). - to support outreach work, forexample, our Wild About Plants programme aims to reconnect people with plants. It will support people to access and most importantly enjoy their local natural spaces. This project will target people living in the lowest 10% of environmental and economic deprivation in England through the provision of a wide range of activities, events, resources, training opportunities and tailored support. - to protect and provide public access to 4,500 acres of important plant habitats through management of our 23 nature reserves across the UK. - towards our dynamic international work to safeguard wild plants and their habitats. We are one of the key organisations that developed the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, which was endorsed by governments across the world, at The Hague in 2002. We are Lead Partner of Target 5 and head the global effort to identify the world's most important sites for wild plants.

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