Solent swim for charity

Paul Smith

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 04-Apr-2019

End Date: 30-Sep-2019

Event Date: 27-Jul-2019

About my fundraising

West Wight is a very special place for me. With my family I have enjoyed fantastic times there over the years and I should like to give something back to the community. Please help me to raise money for the West Wight Sports and Community Centre trust by sponsoring me to swim across the Solent this July

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Maria and Terrydonation13-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Make sure that your water wings are fully inflated mate! ????
Max Lawdonation13-Jun-2019£20.00Soapy, it seems like all the jokes have already been done.....Suffice to say, best of luck with this. It's a nice gesture. I'll simply wish st wishes with
Fiona and Kevindonation13-Jun-2019£50.00Very impressive (crazy!). Good Luck.
Sam and Gracedonation12-Jun-2019£40.00£10.00Good luck buoy! See you on the other side (hopefully)!
Colin & Amandadonation12-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50Good luck Soapy! Love the overlay pic!
Jacqui & Andy Devinedonation11-Jun-2019£50.00Good Luck and Watch oit for hungry Orcas
bryandonation11-Jun-2019£50.00£12.50enjoy the scenery
Simon Joblingdonation08-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Just make sure there are no Japanese whalers (or Bob Marley) in the Channel that day. Be a lot trickier swimming with a harpoon sticking out of your lardy ....
Neil and Mariondonation05-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50Go for it!
Phil Croftdonation30-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Don't drown, don't get stung, just do it, good luck
Nigel Kimberdonation25-Apr-2019£30.00£7.50whether the weather be fine or whether the weather it pours you'll weather the weather whatever the weather because of a wonderful cause - swim well
Hollydonation25-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Good luck boss!
Leah Greendonation25-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Good luck Paul!
Jessica Rosedonation14-Apr-2019£50.00£12.50As my gran would say. Watch out for any octopuses with their giant tentacles. Hope you go through the water like a torpedo. Well done you xXx
Catriona & Malcolmdonation13-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00We always knew you could swim like a fish ??........ oh no, it was drink like a fish!!
Grahamdonation13-Apr-2019£25.00£6.25Quite some challenge. Good luck, hope it all goes well. I recommend butterfly stroke the whole way, that should make it easier.
Ian Clarkdonation13-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Well done Soapy - my advice would be to swap the Speedos for a wet suit. Even in July, your budgies will be looking to escape :)
Charlie and Pauldonation12-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Good luck Paul!
Melvindonation12-Apr-2019£25.00£6.25Don’t jump in Soapy. We don’t want a tsunami on the south coast!
Frances Smithdonation12-Apr-2019£50.00£12.50Is your life insurance up to date?
Andrew Lesterdonation11-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Do you swim like you play football i.e. head in the air with no rhythm to your leg movement?

My fundraising page is raising money for West Wight Sports and Community Centre Trust

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West Wight Sports and Community Centre provides sports, recreation and community facilities and is...more

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