Swimming the Solent

Mike Sizer-Green

Target: £250.00



Start Date: 05-Apr-2012

End Date: 30-Sep-2012

Event Date: 15-Jul-2012

About my fundraising

Yes I should know better, but on Sunday 15th July 2012 I will be swimming the Solent from Hurst Castle to Colwell Bay. This is the second Wild West Solent Swim and the aim is to raise funds for the West Wight Sports Centre Charity - the charity that provides sports facilities in Freshwater. Support me if you can please. Thank you. Mike

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Hayley Creesdonation02-Sep-2012£5.00£1.25
RON AND SYLVIAdonation15-Jul-2012£20.00£5.00Keep your head down!!
D. JOHNSON AND S.LAWMONdonation15-Jul-2012£30.00£7.50go for it
Fee Sizerdonation14-Jul-2012£25.00Good luck, thinking of you in that not so warm murky water.
Rourkeydonation22-Jun-2012£10.00£2.50Isn't it time you put your feet up?!
Sharon Bollendonation12-Jun-2012£10.00£2.50Happy swimming, I've heard Sark is very pretty.
Andy Sdonation14-Apr-2012£20.00£5.00Just keep ahead of that Great Wight Shark!!
Nickdonation12-Apr-2012£25.00£6.25double it if you drown. Have fun
Ian Thomasdonation09-Apr-2012£25.00At least you admit that you are mad!
Anonymousdonation07-Apr-2012£20.00£5.00after le manche this should be a doddle

My fundraising page is raising money for West Wight Sports and Community Centre Trust

About this charity

West Wight Sports and Community Centre provides sports, recreation and community facilities and is...more

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