mandy wood

Target: £5,000.00



Start Date: 19-Oct-2012

End Date: 18-Oct-2013

About my fundraising

Raising awareness on the fact that Womens aid needs funding. Refuges need funding. Children need help. Cut backs have caused an uneasy ripple of monotony of unnessesary heartaches. We can't change the past but we can change the future. I have cried a river of tears ....but I refuse to drown. How many more lives will be lost before the right changes are made ? I would like to personally thank all the people on here for donating ...together we can make a difference. I shall not rest until our voices are heard and the changes are made !!! Dedication to my son our hearts always xxx

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AnonymousGive as you Live£0.71I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.46I am shopping on eBay and raising money
Steve, The Vine Inn, Derby.donation14-Jan-2015£100.00£25.00
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derby.donation17-Nov-2014£100.00£25.00
Steve at The Vine Inn , Derbydonation01-Aug-2014£100.00£25.00
AnonymousEveryclick Search£1.60Every search raises money
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derbydonation22-Apr-2014£100.00£25.00
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Steve at The Vine Derbydonation24-Jan-2014£60.00£15.00
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derbydonation11-Dec-2013£50.00£12.50
Steve from The Vine Inn, Derbydonation04-Nov-2013£50.00£12.50
Steve at The Vine Inn Derby.donation13-Sep-2013£100.00£25.00
Anonymousdonation12-Sep-2013£25.00tremendous talent spending itself in service to others
Annettedonation06-Aug-2013£200.00Thanks 4 Jahmene! 4ever our #1, 4ever beautiful in every way
Helen MarshallEveryclick Search£0.84Every search raises money
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derbydonation17-Jun-2013£100.00£25.00
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derbydonation21-May-2013£100.00£25.00
Jenny O'Reillydonation19-May-2013£16.00£4.00:) <3
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.69Every search raises money
Lucy Adonation18-Apr-2013£5.00£1.25So close to the target now!
lucy vassallodonation18-Apr-2013£5.00Lets get to the target! <3
Anonymousdonation01-Apr-2013£100.00Easter blessings Jahmene & Mandy
Steve at The Vine Inn, Derbydonation27-Feb-2013£60.00£15.00
Annettedonation26-Feb-2013£100.00To mark Jahmene's birthday-
Lucy Adonation14-Feb-2013£5.00£1.25A little bit more to add to the total xxx
Anonymousdonation05-Feb-2013£50.00Happy to help u and Jahmene help others
Lucy <3donation29-Jan-2013£5.00£1.25All for a good cause...KEEP DONATING PEOPLE!<3 XX
Anonymousdonation20-Jan-2013£50.00Mandy and Jahmene - supporting you all the way
Ffiondonation16-Jan-2013£5.00<3 <3

My fundraising page is raising money for Women's Aid

About this charity

National charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

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