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Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 25-Aug-2008

End Date: 31-Dec-2021

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CARA is an independent international charity, which main activities include HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, striving to reduce premature deaths, providing quality basic education for all, water and sanitation and helping the poor to know, understand and achieve their rights.

Please help CARA so that the poor and those in desperate need can be helped.

I am already supporting other charities but now I have the opportunity to do something for CARA.

They are doing a wonderful job out there. If everyone can realise how important this fundraising helps to support and contribute in someway, it will be really wonderful.

I am very lucky to be a part of it and today I feel proud of myself. Please join us as you too can be part of it?

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My fundraising page is raising money for CARA

About this charity

CARA defends the legal rights of poor people who cannot afford a lawyer and helps them to save the...more

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    Target: £1,000,000.00 Progress: £2,583.05
  • Constantine Anne WAYINU

    CARA (Charity No. 1135610)

    CARA is an independent international charity, which main activities include: 1. HIV/AIDS: prevention, care and support for those affected by HIV/AID

    Target: £1,000,000.00 Progress: £0.00

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