Kathryn's sponsored silence

Kathryn Lloyd

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 18-Aug-2011

End Date: 09-Jan-2012

About my fundraising

Go on, have a guess from my picture what you think i'm going to be doing to raise money for Invest in M.E's centre of excellence, which will do bio medical research for the treatment of M.E. .. bet you'll never guess lol..the big sponsored silence announcement kind of gives it away a bit too ... i've raised £1600.00 so far, mainly from family , friends ,fb friends and the houghton roundtable charity.i would love to make it to £2000.00 . if you can ,please donate as much or as little as you can to find treatments for this devastating illness, which at its worst has left me bed bound 24/7, unable even to sit up. I had to lie in one position for 6 years at one point, unable to wash or dress myself, needing to be fed and watered and unable to speak for 40 months .. which is why my sponsored silence is so symbolic ... symbolic of the severity of this illness, that at its worst is horrifying - please help in any way you can - i don't want anyone to have to go through the things i have and ...more more

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Kathryn LloydEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Richard Simpsondonation17-Oct-2011£15.00£3.75Well done Kathryn
Linda Gray Quintondonation15-Oct-2011£10.00You are inspirational Kathryn.
Vicky Gifforddonation15-Oct-2011£10.00wonderful cause Kathryn, good luck! xx
Barnaby Eaton-Jonesdonation15-Oct-2011£21.88There you go! You asked. You got. Good luck. xx
Naomi Wdonation15-Oct-2011£5.00You're doing a great job!
Christine Wisherdonation15-Oct-2011£5.00£1.25Good luck Kathryn - you can do it!
Laura Judddonation15-Oct-2011£7.00So impressed with your fundraising Kathryn!
Barnaby Eaton-Jonesdonation13-Oct-2011£10.00As a fellow sufferer, I'm 'shhhing!' you right now.
Jan and Michael Masleid / Chicagodonation11-Oct-2011£50.00Hoping you get to go out in that black dress soon!
Richard Simpsondonation10-Oct-2011£10.00£2.50Thanks for all your efforts Kathryn
Annabeldonation10-Oct-2011£5.00Trying to help you reach your target.
Kathleen McCalldonation10-Oct-2011£10.00Good luck & many thanks Kathryn
Arlenedonation09-Oct-2011£25.00Yes, me again .... Email heading your wat to explain why :)
Steve & Vanessadonation20-Sep-2011£10.00£2.50Good luck - great cause
Bendonation13-Sep-2011£100.00£25.00A great idea for a much needed cause. Thank you for helping.
james wythedonation13-Sep-2011£25.00good luck with the silence :)
Paul, Amy & Miadonation06-Sep-2011£40.00£10.00Way to go, cousin. Remember, whatever you do, say nothing!!
sarahdonation03-Sep-2011£7.00£1.75found £7 in a ticket machine & wanted to give to ME charity!
jason mooredonation31-Aug-2011£10.00£2.50
Andrew Dumbletondonation30-Aug-2011£10.00Congrats on what you've managed to raise so far! :)
David and Janice Jordandonation30-Aug-2011£25.00£6.25Good luck and we're so sorry for all you've been through!
Sarah-Louise Jordandonation30-Aug-2011£25.00you are amazing and I love that you're doing this!
Hurstdonation26-Aug-2011£10.00£2.50Good luck K! You doing a brilliant job :-) Janexx
John Allendonation25-Aug-2011£30.00£7.50Peace at last! Yr inspirational young lady. From t Allens x
dr andrew lloyddonation25-Aug-2011£25.00anything for a bit of peace and quiet ,...

My fundraising page is raising money for Invest In Me Research

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