Joshua running to support Invest in ME

Joshua Milligan

Target: £100.00



Start Date: 14-Sep-2010

End Date: 30-Oct-2010

Event Date: 23-Oct-2010

About my fundraising

Hi, My name is Joshua, I've just turned 8 years old and I live in Christchurch, Dorset.

Last year I ran the BUPA mini south run successfully, but this year I am running for a cause that I am more familiar with.

This year I am running for Invest in ME...I am lucky enough to live with my mummy who is able to look after me easily (yes through my tears and tantrums too!) but my mummy's friend, Robyn, also has a daughter (Neave) slightly younger than me, and Robyn suffers with ME, which means that some days it can be a struggle to do as many things with Neave as she'd like to, and if she does do something (as little as going to a playgroup) she will suffer for it the next day, being severely fatigued....I can't imagine a life like this. I can't imagine how hard it must be for Robyn. I have chosen Invest in ME charity as they are dedicated to campaigning for bio-medical research into ME. What Robyn needs, and all 25,000 ME sufferers in the UK need is research into ME so it can b...more more

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Kathleen McCallEveryclick Search£2.03Every search raises money
Richard SimpsonEveryclick Search£2.83Every search raises money
Carole CarrickEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Anonymousdonation26-Oct-2010£30.00Well done Joshua.
Nana & Grandad Farrdonation23-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Joshua, we're very proud of you wanting to help others
Dad!donation23-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Go go Joshua!
Jennifer Coulthurstdonation23-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Good luck Joshua, lots of love auntie Jen xxxx
charlotte watsondonation19-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80good luck joshua
Geoff Allendonation16-Oct-2010£20.00£5.60Go young man. What an inspiration
Anonymousdonation16-Oct-2010£25.00£7.00Thank-you Joshua and well done! You are a star!
Chrisdonation15-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Good luck dude ^_^
carer of severely affected M.E. suffererdonation03-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80well done Joshua!
grainne deveryEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Cheeky Monkey JoshuaEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Lesley Watson (Smileymum)donation29-Sep-2010£5.00£1.40Good luck Joshua! Hope it all goes well
Juliadonation26-Sep-2010£5.00£1.40My daughter (10 yrs) and I both have M.E - Thanks alot
helen McCluskeydonation22-Sep-2010£5.00I have ME and am so grateful for your efforts Joshua...Thank
Anonymousdonation22-Sep-2010£25.00Thx Jonathon. Good luck with the run.
Paul Kayesdonation22-Sep-2010£20.00£5.60Joshua you are a star !! hope it goes well on the day :o)
Nanna and Grandaddonation15-Sep-2010£10.00Good luck Joshua - we are so proud of you for doing this
Jan kelsalldonation14-Sep-2010£10.00Go Joshua .... brilliant xx
Kathleen McCalldonation14-Sep-2010£10.00What a star! Thank you very much
Richard Simpsondonation14-Sep-2010£15.00£4.20Thanks Joshua - you're a hero
Rob Gillarddonation14-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Well done joshua xxx
Auntie Helendonation14-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Well done Joshua. xxx
Emilydonation14-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80I saw this link through IiME Facebook. Thank you Joshua!
Robyndonation14-Sep-2010£20.00This is amazing josh, good luck and thank you xxxx
Cheeky Monkey Joshuadonation14-Sep-2010£5.00Go Joshie!! I'll cheer u on, love little sis!!!
Cheeky Monkey Joshuadonation14-Sep-2010£10.00£2.80Go Josh! You can do it!!!! Mummy xxx

My fundraising page is raising money for Invest In Me Research

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