Help for people in need - from the homeless to expectant mums

John Fidler

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 30-Jan-2018

End Date: 31-Dec-2018

About my fundraising

The Hope Centre is a charity that I volunteer with in St Helens. I work at their homeless centre, which does great work providing free cooked breakfasts, hot showers, clothing, advice and much more. But the homeless centre is just part of their work. They also give out foodbank packages to struggling families, and Moses baskets filled with baby clothes, toys and toiletries to expectant mums, and run courses to help people with their self-confidence or equip them with basic IT skills to make them more employable.

Most of this happens because of the people who volunteer their time to cook, serve, sort, chat, make tea, and because of the public who generously donate food, clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries and more. But despite all this, the charity can't run without funding to keep the lights on, heat the buildings, pay the phone bill, maybe one day fix the leaky roof, and a hundred other things. And, unfortunately, we always seem to be just a few months away from running out of ...more more

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Ruth Daltondonation30-Jan-2018£15.00£3.75Well done, John.

My fundraising page is raising money for The Hope Centre

About this charity

The Hope Centre-St Helens is a needs-led approach to reaching and meeting the needs of the most di...more

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