Jessica's Skydive for Cancer Research

Jessica Campbell

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 08-Apr-2016

End Date: 31-Mar-2017

About my fundraising

On August 13th I am doing a Skydive from 12,000ft to raise money for Cancer Research.

No other charity anywhere is doing more to fund scientists and doctors to beat Cancer sooner, they are working on over 200 types, including the one that may matter to you or has hit your family or friends.

I am doing this in memory of my amazing Nan who lost her battle, for people close to me now who are fighting Cancer and for the hope of a more positive future in beating this disgusting disease.

Please donate whatever you can to show your support and convince me that jumping out of an aeroplane is a great idea!!? I'd love to reach my target for this Charity SkyDive. Thank you xxxx

For any gift donations for my raffle please email me at I would be so greatful of any donations. Thank you.

P.S. When you make a donation, don't forget to check the Gift Aid box if you're a UK taxpayer as then your charity can claim an extra 25% from the government!

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Extra Raffle Tickets - Wendy, Nicky, Dave & Eileendonation10-Jun-2016£30.00£7.50
Gary Earle C/O BPMC LTDdonation08-Jun-2016£50.00£12.50
Tammodonation07-Jun-2016£10.00£2.50Go Jess! You are SO brave, well done and good luck x
Anonymousdonation07-Jun-2016£310.00£77.50Raffle & Quiz @ Sir Douglas Haig Pub - (Split with Lauren)
Caroledonation27-May-2016£30.00£7.50Well done Jess, fantastic thing to do!
Kinnerton Confectionarydonation27-May-2016£50.00Enjoy it Jess! Have a great time x
Mauddonation26-May-2016£15.00£3.75Well done Jessica, worthy cause - loved Anne !! X
Jaydonation26-May-2016£10.00Enjoy it! Make sure yr strapped in tight! Raise lots of £££!
Becky Simsdonation26-May-2016£5.00£1.25Good Luck, Jess!! :) xx
Lisa Hutchinsondonation25-May-2016£7.48Happy jumping!
Gill Parkerdonation23-May-2016£10.00£2.50Best of luck Jess x
Anita mitchelldonation16-May-2016£10.00£2.50Well done....your very brave!
The Edgarsdonation10-May-2016£25.00£6.25Good luck darling. Nan would be very proud. ❤️❤️❤️
Kingswood Fete - Balloon Pop Fundraising Event. Thank you!donation03-May-2016£52.52£13.13Donations made have been split between myself and Lauren.
andrew Taylordonation03-May-2016£50.00£12.50Great Charity good luck.
martin jonesdonation02-May-2016£40.00£10.00good luck
Melodie & Stevedonation02-May-2016£25.00£6.25Great effort, Jess!! Wishing you a soft landing :-) Love X
Love Ella, Aaron and Andy xxdonation01-May-2016£25.00£6.25So proud xxx
Eileen and Davedonation01-May-2016£25.00£6.25Good on you Jess - hope you enjoy every minute of it 👍
Gary Earledonation25-Apr-2016£25.00£6.25So proud of you love Gary x
Sophia Horgandonation12-Apr-2016£10.00£2.50Go Jess! You will love every minute of it! Best of luck!! xx
Alison Cranedonation12-Apr-2016£100.00£25.00Good luck Jess ... rather you than me!!! :-)
Rebecca Owen - Childsdonation11-Apr-2016£10.00£2.50Proud of you Jess xxx
The Lordans xxxdonation09-Apr-2016£40.00£10.00Jessie, this is amazing! Nan would be so proud of you xxxxx
Caroline, Jack and Davedonation08-Apr-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck from the Clarkes
linda reesdonation08-Apr-2016£20.00£5.00
Tishy & Maddiedonation08-Apr-2016£10.00£2.50good luck! x
Jan Campbelldonation08-Apr-2016£25.00£6.25Go my girl - Nan would be amazed 💕

My fundraising page is raising money for UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd

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