Apex Primary School - Fun Run

Ibrahim Rashid

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 09-Oct-2018

End Date: 31-Oct-2018

Event Date: 13-Oct-2018

About my fundraising

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah,

We are all taking part in the An-Noor fun run on Sunday 14th October to support Apex Primary School.

Please contribute!


Ibrahim, Kalphana, Danyal, Hannah

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Mahmuda Maziddonation15-Oct-2018£40.00£10.00
Yunus Jasatdonation14-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50
Humayun Rashiddonation14-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50
Kamilah Khandonation14-Oct-2018£50.00
Mohammad R Islamdonation14-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50Best wishes for all
Musa, Dawud, Ibrahimdonation14-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50Well done Daniyal and Hanna.xx 👍👍👍
Faisal Bin-rezadonation14-Oct-2018£25.00£6.25May Allah grant you success!
A Idonation14-Oct-2018£25.00£6.25All the best, you can do it iA !
Sumayyah & Yusufdonation13-Oct-2018£20.00£5.00Go Danyal and Hannah. We're all with you :)
Ibrahim Rashiddonation13-Oct-2018£100.00£25.00
Ibrahim Rashiddonation13-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50
Laili Pervindonation13-Oct-2018£10.00£2.50
Mo and Ruzdonation12-Oct-2018£20.00£5.00Go Rashid family!
Saleem, Yaasir, Yusraadonation12-Oct-2018£15.00Go Danyal and Hannah!
Adnan Rashiddonation12-Oct-2018£50.00£12.50
Badrul alamdonation12-Oct-2018£20.00£5.00Education is the back bone of a nation
JAFOOLILILILILILIdonation12-Oct-2018£50.00£12.50DONULD DUCK!!!
Liz Khandonation11-Oct-2018£25.00£6.25
Sahid Khandonation11-Oct-2018£50.00£12.50
Musa Alamdonation11-Oct-2018£10.00A great school 👍
khaleda khandonation11-Oct-2018£50.00£12.50Excellent work!
Rijia Rafiqdonation11-Oct-2018£25.00£6.25May Allah reward you for your efforts
Mohammed Rashiddonation10-Oct-2018£30.00£7.50

My fundraising page is raising money for Apex Trust

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