Beth Runs for EKRCC

Bethany Harris

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 20-Feb-2019

End Date: 24-May-2019

Event Date: 12-May-2019

About my fundraising

On the 12th of May I am going to run the Stelling Minis 10k in aid of the East Kent Rape Crisis Centre. For someone that has not run in 4 years, starting from scratch will be a challenge!!

The EKRCC is a registered charity that offers support services for children and adults who have experienced sexual violence or coercion. The service offer both face to face counselling and a phone line service for victims of sexual abuse.

EKRCC is a free service for survivors, however they rely on donations in order to keep offering their services. Their phone lines are run entirely by volunteers and are open five days a week, receiving an average of 2500 calls a year.

According to the NSPCC, 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused and a shocking 1 in 3 children did not report it.

The service offers an initial 12 sessions, however many people are provided with many more, depending on need. Rather than giving a one off donation I wanted to raise a larger sum in ...more more

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Sarah cairnsdonation26-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00G’wan girly!
Michael Williamsdonation26-Mar-2019£10.00
Isabel Overtondonation25-Mar-2019£5.00Good luck with the run Beth! You're raising money for a great cause x
Karen Warddonation22-Mar-2019£10.00Good luck xx
Alice Rosedonation22-Mar-2019£10.00Well done lovely!xx
Kim's Daddonation21-Mar-2019£20.00
Cynthia Peasedonation19-Mar-2019£30.00£7.50
Anonymousdonation19-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00You’re such a brave woman to have openly told her story. Good luck on 12th May, I’ll be thinking of you. Avocados forever!
Allisondonation18-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00Amazingly brave to share your story. You’re inspiring! With love from a SW friend xxx
Sheila Shepherddonation18-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00Well done Beth, you are one amazing lady. I am so proud you are family xx
Georgiadonation18-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00Good luck you amazingly brave human! So very proud of you!!
Laura satchelldonation18-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50Beth, you are amazing, an inspirational woman who I am so lucky to have met x
Shane Hogbendonation17-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00
Jemma Meekdonation17-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50This is truly incredible, wishing you the best of luck xx
Charlotte Leachdonation16-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00Well done Beth, proud and thankful to have such a brave friend in my life x
Chloe Ellisdonation16-Mar-2019£30.00£7.50Well done darling! Cheering you on. Thank you for inspiring me xxx
Kerry Colemandonation16-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50Sure you'll smash it! I'm certain your bravery will help others xxx
Annadonation16-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50So proud of you Beth! Good luck my lovely X
Janette Jessupdonation16-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00Brave charity, brave young lady - you go Beth !
Wendydonation16-Mar-2019£5.00£1.25Unbelievable bravery ??
Karendonation16-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00I don’t know you but I am doing the run too so will look out for you at the start . Good luck ! X
Sarahdonation16-Mar-2019£5.00£1.25Hope this helps keeps a valuable service running and helps the people who need it.
Joanne slucockdonation16-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50Brilliant charity have used the service myself
Shelley Hobbsdonation16-Mar-2019£10.00
Karen Hanksdonation16-Mar-2019£10.00£2.50Good luck with the run, you are amazing!
Amanda Stephensdonation16-Mar-2019£10.00What an amazing, strong and inspirational lady you are. Good luck with your run x
Georgie Childsdonation15-Mar-2019£20.00£5.00The biggest support for you darling. Xxx

My fundraising page is raising money for EAST KENT RAPE LINE

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