Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

Charity No: 1117646

URL: https://www.everyclick.com/himalayaneducationlifelineprogramme

Website: www.help-education.org

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About Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

HELP supports poor schools in the Himalayas by providing volunteer teachers and financial resources for new buildings, books and equipment. HELP also finds sponsors to help the children of poor families complete their education.

Funds raised may be used to ...

None of administration expenses come out of money donated to us, so all your money goes towards the schools we support.

Recent donations for Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£56.24Every search raises money
diana wellsEveryclick Search£14.00Every search raises money
Jim ColemanEveryclick Search£24.18Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.12Every search raises money
AnonymousGive as you Live£25.37I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Jim ColemanGive as you Live£7.54I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
annmarie mcgivernGive as you Live£40.21I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Janet BuckleyGive as you Live£0.27I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousGive as you Live£0.34I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Richard ColemanEveryclick Search£15.83Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
andrew colemandonation10-Sep-2013£20.00
annmarie mcgivernEveryclick Search£1.80Every search raises money
Katrina LogsdonEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Charles HebertEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Claire HollingberyEveryclick Search£1.14Every search raises money
ann mclaughlinEveryclick Search£3.01Every search raises money
Alex SandersEveryclick Search£2.33Every search raises money
Susan Hunter-YettonEveryclick Search£0.59Every search raises money
Janet BuckleyEveryclick Search£0.09Every search raises money
Narelle BrownEveryclick Search£0.07Every search raises money
Alan ColemanEveryclick Search£0.04Every search raises money
ANIL THAPAEveryclick Search£0.05Every search raises money
Jedidah Chenom NamchyoEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Ben ColemanEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money

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