Gower Co-responder Vehicle

Adrian Hughes

Target: £50,000.00



Start Date: 08-Aug-2017

End Date: 08-Aug-2018

About my fundraising

Gower Co-responders operate from Reynoldston fire station providing an emergency medical response 365 days a year, in support of the Welsh Ambulance Service. We are fundraising to replace the current 17 year-old 4x4 response vehicle with a modern equivalent.

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Anonymousdonation13-Jun-2018£100.00£25.00Vital service
Phil and Chris Evansdonation11-Jun-2018£250.00£62.50Better late than never!
Horton Village Supper Clubdonation01-Mar-2018£210.00Thank you for your dedication
Bank Farm Leisuredonation12-Feb-2018£435.00
Peter Gloverdonation11-Feb-2018£100.00£25.00
James Harperdonation05-Feb-2018£250.00Good luck with the appeal
Fall Bay RFCdonation02-Feb-2018£93.00
Anonymousdonation30-Jan-2018£30.00Collection - Ski Andorra 2018
Customers at The King Arthur Hotel, Reynoldstondonation29-Jan-2018£110.00
Anonymousdonation27-Jan-2018£30.00Collection at the funeral of C.D.Wales, Rhossili
Anonymousdonation23-Jan-2018£420.00Collection at funeral of C.D.Wales of Rhossili
Rob Paynedonation18-Jan-2018£500.00£125.00Donated on behalf of the South Wales Freemasons - Pob lwc !
Gillian Daviesdonation10-Jan-2018£100.00£25.00Merry Xmas ladies of Gower
Bill Andersondonation10-Jan-2018£100.00£25.00
Judith Rockdonation08-Jan-2018£170.00Donated by the Reynoldston New Year revellers
Don and Pat Daviesdonation08-Jan-2018£200.00£50.00A vital service , pleased to make a contribution
Anonymousdonation22-Dec-2017£212.00From Rhossili Carol Service
David Kellydonation21-Dec-2017£20.00£5.00Good Luck!
John and Kathryn Daviddonation19-Dec-2017£100.00£25.00We wish you the best of luck and hope we never need you !
Robert Elsondonation11-Dec-2017£1,000.00£250.00Great service, happy to give our support.
South Gower Sports Clubdonation08-Dec-2017£77.76Additional donations from our fundraising evening.
Peter & Carolyn PJ Surfshopdonation07-Dec-2017£100.00£25.00An invaluable service for our community. Thank YOU.
South Gower Sports Clubdonation05-Dec-2017£1,000.00
Natalie Mullendonation04-Dec-2017£1,040.00£260.00Ben Nevis
Dave Jonesdonation04-Dec-2017£238.20Gower Co-responder 3-Cliff Bay framed photo raffle
Customers of Reynoldston Post Officedonation01-Dec-2017£100.00Thanks to all contributors! The bucket will return in 2018.

My fundraising page is raising money for Cariad

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