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About Derbyshire Community Foundation

Derbyshire Community Foundation is an independent local charity, which, with the support and generosity of local individuals, companies and charitable trusts is building an endowment fund to benefit Derbyshire people in perpetuity. Income generated by our fund is used to make grants to voluntary and community groups, to tackle disadvantage and improve the quality of life for people throughout our county. By linking local donors with local needs in this way, we are able to address the problems of today and the issues facing future generations.

Recent donations for Derbyshire Community Foundation

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£12.72Every search raises money
Rachael GrimeEveryclick Search£1.84Every search raises money
Angie SparhamEveryclick Search£3.77Every search raises money
Lindsay SowterEveryclick Search£0.12Every search raises money
JoannaEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Misbah RamzanEveryclick Search£0.54Every search raises money
Angie SparhamEveryclick Search£0.16Every search raises money
Philip LucasEveryclick Search£0.91Every search raises money
Lisa FarnsworthEveryclick Search£0.76Every search raises money
Innes England Sky Dive donation19-Oct-2009£15.00£4.20Good guts Jamie. Glad they were not fully on display at end.
Innes England Sky Dive donation16-Oct-2009£10.00
Innes England Sky Dive donation15-Oct-2009£50.00
Innes England Sky Dive donation09-Oct-2009£20.00Safe landings
Innes England Sky Dive donation08-Oct-2009£5.00£1.40Enjoy - it will be amazing!
Innes England Sky Dive donation06-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80Oh god, you must be mad- don't watch hollyoaks by the way!!!
Innes England Sky Dive donation06-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80On condition that Nick jumps otherwise I expect a refund!
Innes England Sky Dive donation05-Oct-2009£20.00£5.60geronimo
Innes England Sky Dive donation05-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00good luck.
Innes England Sky Dive donation02-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00
Innes England Sky Dive donation02-Oct-2009£10.00£2.80Good luck
Innes England Sky Dive donation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck.
Innes England Sky Dive donation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck, hope you all land safely!
Innes England Sky Dive donation01-Oct-2009£25.00£7.00
Innes England Sky Dive donation01-Oct-2009£5.00£1.40Nigel Jones - Big girl scared of heights, 12,000ft - oh dear
Innes England Sky Dive donation01-Oct-2009£50.00£14.00From the larger NJH --you must be off your nut mate
Innes England Sky Dive donation30-Sep-2009£15.00
Susie SykesEveryclick Search£0.55Every search raises money
Innes England Sky Dive donation29-Sep-2009£25.00£7.00Good luck to you all
Innes England Sky Dive donation25-Sep-2009£20.00£5.60Good luck and safe landings
Innes England Sky Dive donation25-Sep-2009£10.00£2.80Don't look down!

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Charity news

  • Donate by Text

    Supporters of Derbyshire Community Foundation can now make donations of up to £10 by texting DECF22 ...

    Published: 02-Jun-2011

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