200 Mile Walk for Tibet

Dave Richardson

Target: £400.00



Start Date: 15-Mar-2019

End Date: 31-Aug-2019

Event Date: 12-Apr-2019

About my fundraising

I've met Tibetan refugees in both Britain and India, been moved by their stories & from 13th April 2019 I walked about 200 miles carrying a 55lb pack over the high hills of Cyprus (which like Tibet has suffered from invasion & occupation) up the highest peak the 6404ft Olympus/Όλυμπος/ Χιονίστρα & other tops to raise money for Tibet House Trust.

The (1) Chinese Communist Invasion & occupation of (2) Tibet in 1950, the (3) Tibetan Uprising & flight of the Dalai Lama in March 1959 may seem like faraway history to some people, but they were followed by (4) murder, (5) torture,(6) starvation, (7) imprisonments, & ongoing (8) human rights abuses such as forced (9) birth control and sterilisation,(10) political, and (11) religious repression, (12) destruction of (13) monasteries an (14) influx of Han Chinese, & environmental (15) damage from (16) resource extraction. The violent destruction & intolerant ...more more

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Irene and Jimdonation21-Jun-2019£20.00
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Dave Richardsondonation12-Jun-2019£30.00£7.50
June Eglin-Lowe & Stuart Eglindonation22-May-2019£20.00£5.00
John Clarkedonation19-May-2019£20.00Another generous donation, this one from John Clarke
Mari Brothersdonation19-May-2019£20.00Thanks a right lot Mari for this
Davedonation19-May-2019£21.00Thanks a right lot to Viva Hart for this one
Davedonation19-May-2019£5.00Thanks to Dawa Kelsang for this donation
Barbara Shannondonation15-May-2019£20.00Thanks a right lot to Barbara Shannon for this donation
David Graydonation15-May-2019£20.00Thanks David Gray for this donation
David Midgleydonation15-May-2019£20.00Thanks to David Midgley for this donation
Rowena Fielddonation15-May-2019£20.00Thank you Rowena for this donation
Mark Cawthornedonation15-Apr-2019£10.00
Kath Cawthornedonation12-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00
Billdonation12-Apr-2019£10.00With good wishes from Bill
Bill Farringtondonation12-Apr-2019£10.00Good wishes from Bill
Anonymousdonation08-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00Thanks to Anne and Chris
Helen Jeffreysdonation07-Apr-2019£20.00Walk safely. Love from Mother
Amita, Blau & Devadonation05-Apr-2019£121.00Good Luck Dave!! Hopefully see you soon xx
Jonathan Eyredonation05-Apr-2019£20.00£5.00You'll never walk alone
Wendy & Stevedonation04-Apr-2019£30.00£7.50Enjoy the experiences & thanks for your practical concern for Tibet
Jo Nashdonation23-Mar-2019£20.00Happy birthday walk
Jenny Marshalldonation23-Mar-2019£50.00
Carolyndonation16-Mar-2019£30.00£7.50Great cause, Dave, hope you enjoy the walk!

My fundraising page is raising money for TIBET HOUSE TRUST

About this charity

Tibet House Trust is a UK registered charity that was inaugurated in 1994 by His Holiness the Dala...more

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