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Cambridge Rape Crisis

Target: £750.00



Start Date: 04-Feb-2013

End Date: 11-Apr-2013

Event Date: 11-Apr-2013

About my fundraising

Register for the first ever CRCC Firewalk here!

Taking place on April 11th 2013 from 5.30pm at Scotsdales Garden Centre, why not see if you can handle the heat?! After two hours training you'll walk 20 feet over hot coals infront of a roaring crowd supporting you every step of the way - and you'll know that every penny you've raised will go towards supporting young wome and girls who have survived or are currently experiencing sexual violence.

TO REGISTER: 1) Click the green 'Give now more ways to give' button at the top of the page 2) Click the pink 'Donate' button 3) Selct 'Other amount' and type in £25.00 in the box. This is your registration fee to take part and is non refundable. 4) Please do NOT select the tick box saying you'd like to Gift Aid your donation 5) Enter your name in the 'Sponsoring Comment' box 6) Fill in everything else as instructed 7) IMPORTANT! Once payment for your registration fee is made, email with your name and contact...more more

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Anonymousdonation10-Apr-2013£25.00Faeeim Nori
Elaine Shorttdonation10-Apr-2013£25.00£6.25Good luck everyone
Kerrie Coniamdonation06-Apr-2013£5.00£1.25Good luck
Rosie Schönenbergerdonation05-Apr-2013£25.00Rosie Schönenberger
Colleendonation04-Apr-2013£5.00£1.25Go Emma and co
Emma Kerrdonation04-Apr-2013£25.00
Amy O'Learydonation03-Apr-2013£25.00£6.25
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
Joanne Hutchinsondonation27-Mar-2013£25.00Ta-dah! At least our feet won't be coal-d.......
Rachel Childsdonation21-Mar-2013£25.00I can't believe I'm doing this...
Sammi Whitakerdonation20-Mar-2013£25.00
Charlotte Ballarddonation14-Mar-2013£25.00Charlotte Ballard
Wendy Barrettdonation12-Mar-2013£25.00Wendy Barrett
Kimberley Owendonation10-Mar-2013£25.00£6.25we will be looking sizziling hot during this event ;)
Kevin Hooverdonation09-Mar-2013£25.00
Kim Gainsboroughdonation08-Mar-2013£25.00watch out for ML skill in arm twisting.
Ellis Bransondonation07-Mar-2013£25.00Ellis Branson
Angie Stewartdonation06-Mar-2013£25.00So much love for CRCC
Nikki Marronedonation05-Mar-2013£25.00Should be fun :)
Holly Lambertdonation03-Mar-2013£25.00Nervous but more than willing!
Norah Al-Anidonation03-Mar-2013£25.00Will be so nice to be warm again!
Kevin Coutinhodonation28-Feb-2013£25.00
Vivien Hodgesdonation28-Feb-2013£25.00
Sigrid Fisherdonation28-Feb-2013£25.00
Sam Carltondonation27-Feb-2013£25.00£6.25proud to be able to help a good cause
Amanda Morris-Drakedonation26-Feb-2013£20.00£5.00Good Luck Sigrid. Hope you don't get burnt!!
Sheena Mooneydonation20-Feb-2013£25.00I am trying to believe that Mary
Susy Langsdaledonation18-Feb-2013£25.00£6.25
Anonymousdonation18-Feb-2013£25.00Should be a giggle!

My fundraising page is raising money for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre

About this charity

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre supports women and girls who have survived or are currently experienc...more

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