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About Coronary Thrombosis Trust

Arterial disease, including disease of the arteries supplying blood to the heart (the coronary arteries) is the greatest cause of death and illness in men and women. Support the Coronary Thrombosis Trust and help eliminate this disease. In this disease, the arteries become stiff and thickened walls. Blood clots form in the narrowing and may block the artery completely. In the coronary arteries, narrowing causes angina (pain in the chest on exertion), blockage causes death of some heart muscle (heart attacks). Most people with heart failure have it as a result of coronary artery disease. If disease is mainly in the neck it leads to stroke, and if in the legs, to pain on exercise and gangrene. Our research will find out how each step in the disease process happens, and how each step can be prevented, and reversed. Eventually we expect, if funding permits, to be able to detect early disease and prevent its development, to arrest and reverse established disease and reach a situation...more more

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