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With over 100 years IT and business experience, Corexe brings the solution to building large, complex, data intensive Internet systems - quickly, reliably and scalably with JayCore. JayCore answers the needs of CIOs and CFOs worldwide by making it possible truly to 'Do more with less. Using JayCore, Corexe developed the systems that powers!

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Corexe LtdJesus Army Charitable TrustEvery search raises money£0.03
Corexe LtdWoodland TrustEvery search raises money£0.04
Corexe LtdDiabetes UKEvery search raises money£0.08
Corexe LtdSave the ChildrenEvery search raises money£3.35
Corexe LtdEvery search raises money£0.08
Corexe LtdDurham Palestine Educational TrustEvery search raises money£0.08
Corexe LtdME Research UKEvery search raises money£0.09
Corexe LtdFriends of the Earth TrustEvery search raises money£0.09
Corexe LtdFYLDE COAST WOMEN'S AIDEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdHOPEHIVEvery search raises money£0.09
Corexe LtdEvery search raises money£0.13
Corexe LtdMeningitis NowEvery search raises money£0.04
Corexe LtdWinston's WishEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdWar on WantEvery search raises money£0.03
Corexe LtdChristian Hope InternationalEvery search raises money£0.05
Corexe LtdSt Vincent de Paul SocietyEvery search raises money£0.02
Corexe LtdAnimals in DistressEvery search raises money£0.08
Corexe LtdFocus BirminghamEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdKurdish Human Rights ProjectEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdAction Medical ResearchEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdRefugeEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdMultiple Sclerosis SocietyEvery search raises money£0.02
Corexe LtdInternational Animal RescueEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdYvonne Arnaud TheatreEvery search raises money£0.04
Corexe LtdThe Art FundEvery search raises money£0.11
Corexe LtdSeeAbilityEvery search raises money£0.01
Corexe LtdHope and Aid DirectEvery search raises money£0.21
Corexe LtdMissing PeopleEvery search raises money£0.03
Corexe LtdPulmonary Hypertension Association UKEvery search raises money£0.03
Corexe LtdChildren's Hospice South WestEvery search raises money£0.01

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