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About Church Homeless Trust

Church Homeless Trust supports people who have been homeless, by funding the help they need to rebuild their lives. Our roots go back to 1882, when Revd Wilson Carlile began working with homeless people in central London. We uphold the Christian values of supporting those in need and today we help more than 3,500 people every year. We do this by providing funding for clothes, training, travel, facilities, life skills and other personal support that helps people to become more confident and healthy. We also support their move to independent living with grants for basic furnishings and household essentials for their new homes.

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Just £10 provides funding for basic essentials such as clothes, towels and packs of toiletries for people coming to hostels with nothing. Some will be young adults at risk, families, ex-offenders, or ex-Services personnel, while others will have had mental health issues, or problems with drug and alcohol misuse, and require specialist support. Other immediate help might involve paying £20 to £40 for someone to get a birth certificate, items of clothing, or travel costs. In order to help ensure that all of them have the best possible chance of rebuilding their lives and resettling into the community in their own accommodation, the schemes we support run a busy programme of activities to enhance residents? life-skills, social skills, employability and confidence. Our funds improve self-esteem and health through cooking and nutrition workshops, life skills training, as well as personal support that builds their self-esteem. We pay for clothes and travel so that they can start volunteering or working. Outings, sports and social activities not only give residents a much needed break from the routine of daily life, but are an excellent opportunity to build friendships, develop social skills and engage in healthy pursuits. Individuals can engage in art and music groups, which help them to socialise and build relationships. Christmas is often a difficult time for homeless people, who may be estranged from friends and family. Church Housing Trust funds modest Christmas presents for each resident and seasonal activities to make the festive season as enjoyable as possible, and provide costs towards cold weather provisions during winter months, so that schemes can set up extra beds and provide extra hot meals for rough sleepers. We also pay for work-related training, course fees and associated costs for residents who wish to enrol for educational classes or training opportunities locally, which could support someone to pursue new interests that become a career. Our funds cover certification costs that might otherwise have been a barrier to working with food, or to help vulnerable individuals. Once they have received the help and support they need, we help them to move on to independent living with grants for basic furnishings and household essentials for their new homes. We also fund amenities such as IT suites, training kitchens, on-site gyms and gardening projects, all of which provide activities that greatly improve the wellbeing of homeless individuals, and can be opened to other community groups, such as social initiatives and mental health support teams.

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