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Christine Westerback

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Start Date: 23-Jun-2009

End Date: 23-Jun-2010

About my fundraising

This project aims to create awarenss of red squirrels and to increased understanding of both them and their fight for survival against the alien grey squirrel. Education along with conservation are both vital to the project along with gathering data and sightings of reds and greys in the north of England. We currently have 17 red squirrel reserves where red squirrels are deemed to have the best chance of long term survival until a vaccine can be found to the dreaded squirrelpox virus, caught from greys who are immune, and causing a slow and painful death to our reds. Work is also being done on a contraceptive to try and prevent the ever increasing numbers of grey squirrels. Now is your chance to help this project continue into the future. Every penny we receive helps support our wonderful but endangered native red squirrels. Please help

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About this charity

Sedicated to ensuring the survival of the native red squirrel on mainland England by protecting it...more

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